Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's move to San Diego

I've been wanting to blog about my awesome news of moving to San Diego for a while BUT Michael has been doing a lot of free lance work. When he does that he tends to hog the computer and my iPad doesn't blog very well.

So I might as well just jump into it...

A while ago Michael's old boss (member of the church that we knew personally) got a promotion and moved away to San Diego. (He started a job at University of San Diego-USD) His last day of work Michael made sure to mention to him that we would LOVE to live in San Diego.

Not too long after that Michael got a phone call that a position was opening up at USD and it all sort of spiraled from there.

The job down there is a higher paying position with a lot more opportunity for Michael. He will be in charge of the builder department, meaning he will hire and fire and all that fun stuff, therefore room for growth and raises. None of that at UC Berkeley.

It was hard making that decision to move because it's another big change. It's pretty much like moving to a whole other state. Also, the Paneras down there are franchise, not corporate, so it's not a clean transfer for me. But after a lot of thought and prayer we realized it was really the best decision for us. Right after Michael officially accepted the job I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

As of right now we are not 100% sure of our moving time or where we are moving too. The movers are packing up our stuff on the 29th and loading the truck on the 30th. It's so great, Michael's work is paying for our move. I'm hiring people to pack all of my belongings and load it into a truck and unload it. Now that's stress free moving. Also, a person is going to be coming into our home to look at our stuff and talk to us about our wants and needs then go and find a place for us to live. It's pretty awesome.

My job seems to be working out well too. My district manager sent this great recommendation to the district manager in San Diego. That got the ball rolling for me and I'm pretty sure there's a spot open for me.

It's going to be hard to leave my job and my friends behind but I'm so excited about the move. My dad's wife currently lives in Carlsbad (very close to where I will be living) and as soon as my dad gets home from Afghanistan he'll join her there. Also, my Oma lives in Hemet, which isn't far away, and I'll be able to see her more. Also, I'll be living in sweet, sunny San Diego. The place where there's the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and Lego Land.


I can't wait.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I just love Owls

When I was a little girl I used to love to stare at my Oma's family wall. She always had updated pictures of every single cousin and aunt and uncle I could think of. The wall was quite large and I would have to look way high up in order to see everyone. In the middle of it all was a family tree. It was (I may need Jeigh's help here) a lightesh brown and a very autumn orange. In the middle were two large owls, on a tree of course, with my Oma and Opa's names written on them. From there out three large branches were the three kids my Oma and Opa had. Each big branch had little bitty branches sticking out and little bitty owls on it that had all the grandchildren's names. We even had spouse of grandchildren and their children as well. I used to love to find my name. For some reason I felt so honored to be on that family tree. To me it meant that someone knew who I was and that I was important enough to be permanently painted onto a family tree.

I love that tree. Unfortunately, when my Oma and Opa moved into an assisted living place they got rid of it. If they didn't I would ask for it. I still close my eyes and see it as clear as day.

Because of this great plaque whenever I see an owl all I can do is stare. How lucky am I that owls are current in fashion? I actually saw owl place settings at TJ Maxx. I'm going back to buy them next paycheck.

I don't really know what struck this thought; besides my cute new background. It's just a nice memory that is linked to precious memories that I am so grateful I have. I hope I get to hold on to them forever.