Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let's be realistic

I LOVE, L-O-V-E, love sending out Christmas cards. I enjoy the time of thinking back of what I did over the past year. I love getting a yearly picture. I love the thought of old friends getting an update about our lives. So fun. I would love if I could send out Christmas cards to everyone I know but I have to be realistic. So, for those who did not receive our Christmas card...

This year the Hardy family had such a great time
There’s so much that happened, I’ll tell you in rhyme.

To start out the year we traveled on down
To Prescott, AZ where Michael’s sister is found.
We spent a few days having nothing but fun
It was sad to leave when it was all done.

Soon after that we got in a car and
Meet Micheal’s parents down in Disneyland.
It’s always so great to go on the rides.
You can’t not have fun where Mickey abides.

Not long later we packed up our stuff
We moved into a house; man that was tough.
The house is so big with bedrooms galore
It was hard to find out what we would use all that space for.

I hope you don’t fret or worry about that
We got a companion for our fat cat.
She takes up all space, more than one thinks
We got us a puppy who’s so cute and stinks.

I guess it’s time to update on work
Luanne got a raise and that is a perk.
You see she went back where they make all the dough (Panera Bread)
She has a higher position and just loves to go.

Michael took time to see family and friends
He had two whole weeks and three weekends.
Luanne had to stay at home because she couldn’t get time off
But Michael took the dog so it was a good trade-off.

Luanne had a turn to go to Idaho in November
She got to see her mom’s wedding in all of it’s splendor.
It was a short trip and she had to jet
But is was a fun trip that she’ll never forget.

Michael was also offered a job at USD (University of San Diego)
So at the turn of the year we will move there with glee.
After five years of marriage this finally means
We get to move where we have always dreamed.

We hope you enjoy this time of Noel
Until next year, we bid you farewell.