Thursday, January 27, 2011

My happy place

Everything on my mind today:

I need to pack.
How am I going to get all of that donate pile out of my house?
How am I going to make dinner tonight: at this point the tears start. THANKS BRITTA!!
My poor kitty is going to have a rough weekend.
I really don't want to work today.
I need to work today so I can get my mind off of things.
When am I going to sign my lease and get my keys?
What am I going to make my boss for dinner tonight?
I don't have much to do at work today..
I need to call Sarah-I'm glad I did.
My boss repeats himself a lot.
I don't like my boss's dryer.
I shouldn't have to make the nanny's bed.
I'm not going to remember to buy 100% carrot juice.
I hate going to the post office; I'm glad I don't have to go today.
I hate my work car.
What else would be good in my cold sablefish salad?
Is sablefish and Black Cod the same thing? is
Can I bake sablefish?
I forgot the carrot juice.
This is an awesome dinner.
Wow, I did such a good job tonight.
I love plating food.
I'm so glad I don't have to make dinner for my family tonight.
I'm sorry you think the salad is only ok, I think it's amazing.
I have no idea how to make tea.
I know I should be packing and not blogging.
I need to start packing.
I will soon be needing to go to my happy place.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What? No pictures?

I'm not that big of a picture taker. When I was growing up I always kind of depended on my dad to do that; you know because he likes that kind of stuff. Then, I married Michael and he gets his photography bug from his mom so I kind of started depending on that. Then, our camera is old and totally sucks so now we really don't like taking pictures. So, I apologize.

I just got back from my sister-in-laws house in Arizona. I have never been to her "home base" so it was super awesome. I got see where she cooks, where she eats, where she plays the Wii. Where she prays, where she sleeps, where she sits while she reads my blog (Hi Erin!), and where she keeps her food storage. She taught me a lot about food storage and I'm really excited about that. Now that I'm moving into this new place I actually have room and I really feel the need to get started.

The main highlight of the trip was my niece's baptism. It was so super cool to see that. I gave her a quilt for her baptism and she carried it around the whole trip. I was really impressed of how grown up my niece is. She is polite and so smart. She would help her little brothers and dress herself. She is eight so it is expected that she should do these things but it still just blows my mind that she can.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting Mekell (HI!) and Deke Burch. These are Erin's besties and I've heard a lot about them over the past how ever many years. Erin is right, they are pretty dang awesome. We all became instant friends and spent the two days laughing together.

Besides the baptism we played a lot of Speed Uno, some Scum, a little bit of the paper game, had very little sleep, watched a movie, and ate a lot of chicken salad sandwich and cake eating. Probably way too much cake eating. It was so much fun and I really wanted to stay longer. Really bad.

I was lucky enough to see all of Michael's family in the same month. They are so awesome and I'm so lucky to have them in my life. I already miss them all. *sigh*

Now that the trips are over I'm forced to get back to real life. I need to start my work out program back up (all that cake you know) and get prepared to move in three weeks.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A close friend

"I'm lonely"

This is a text that started, even though it may not seem like it, a wonderful conversation between friends.

My friend, Chelsey, has been one of my best friends for a long time now. She and I have known each other since a young age and became friends in high school. If I remember correctly, please correct me if I'm wrong, it all started in a math class. We sat next to each other because we knew each other and it blossomed into one of the best friendships ever. I was even so lucky that Chelsey was connected to another friend who I am still good friends with today. Hi Toni, I love you too!

Chelsey and I haven't always gotten along. Just like all friends who are girls we have said mean things about each other when we were mad. We've screamed at each other and have told each other where to go. We have disagreed; we have more often agreed. We have laughed, loved, and cried together a many times. Through all of that she still loves me for me. Even though I have changed tremendously and she has changed some too, we still love to love each other.

Today during our two hour conversation I realized how much Chelsey means to me. We shared the same ideas and thoughts. At some points it was as if she was reading the thoughts right out of my head. It was nice, though, to just hear her say it. She said so much that I needed to hear and I didn't even ask for any advice. It was almost like she knew what I needed to hear with out even knowing she knew. (How's that for confusing?) That's why I realized she means so much to me.

I'm grateful for friends like Chelsey.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Read this to be entertained

Hello people who can't get enough of me.

Remember when you read my post about how I really went to WV and I really do have family that loves me out there? If not, go there now...I'll wait.

*Singing a song is fun to do. Fun to do, to do ,to do.

Are you back?

Well, welcome back.

In that post I talked about my sister, Jeigh, and how she is writing a novel. She is an awesome writer and I'm always entertained by what she writes. The only thing I hate about her writing is that I'm not very good at explaining things so I could never explain to you why its awesome and there is really no way to describe her writing. You just have to read it for yourself. Today just became my lucky day. Coincidentally, it is now yours too. She started a writing blog. I encourage all of you to go read it and send it to other friends to read it. Yes, yes, yes, this does benefit her so that she gets a following and when her first book is published you will all want to read it. The real thing, though, is that you will be filled with Jeigh's awesomeness on a regular basis and that is a real treat.


I hope you enjoy as much as I know I will.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We got started out on the right foot

When Michael got his job at UC Berkeley in August of last year we started to think more seriously about moving into a bigger place. We got really excited at first and started looking looking looking on Craigslist for a new place. There were a few that looked especially exciting so I had to get serious. I looked at our budgets and our "needs" (like going to WV for Christmas and going to AZ for our niece's baptism and basketball tickets and other totally awesome things) and found that maybe moving RIGHT THEN wasn't such a good idea. We decided that we would hold off looking until January.

Well guess what....


That snuck up fast now didn't it?

Since it was a start of a new year and the thought randomly crossed my mind I thought it might be interesting to email some people in our ward who own a whole bunch of locations throughout the bay area and see what they would have available. I didn't think too much of it. *Pssst... I was really hoping they would have something cool and in our price range. To my surprise there was a lot available and they emailed me back almost instantly. So over a few days, I think maybe one, we were introduced to a lot of places all over the bay. Late one night we went to three places that were all good but not quite doing it for us; we knew something was missing. Borg, the awesome gentleman showing us around, asked us what we needed and what we were expecting. After assessing our needs he mentioned one more place that might be more what we are looking for. We thought that it might we worth a shot and drove over to a HOUSE. Yes, a three bedroom HOUSE. We. Were. In. Love.

It has stairs (I'm really excited about that), a breakfast nook, a dining area, a large laundry room, a storage room (Michael's new man cave), a laundry shoot, a working fireplace in a huge living room, a side yard, and we don't have change wards. Best part, it's in our price range.

Long story short...we are moving next month. On our way out this weekend we dropped a thirty day notice off for our apartment. I'm so happy.

If you want to see it go HERE and enter 3526 Meadow St. Oakland, CA (Chances are you are then going to have to move to the left on google maps because it's a little confused. You should be looking at a white house with no tree in front.) ... or come visit.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I wanted to prove to everyone that I actually went to WV and I do actually have family there. I'm sure everyone believed me but I thought I would post this just for good measures.

This is my all time favorite picture in the whole bunch. Michael (on the right) and Rex, his brother in law, (on the left) are playing Halo Reach. Notice Rex is wearing a headset because he is so cool. Also, "because they needed them just in case they needed to chop someone's head off" the Samari swords in their shirts. I laughed so hard when I saw this.

This is New Year's Eve night. Jeigh, Michael's sister, and Rex got their kids B-A-N-D H-E-R-O.. BAND HERO for Christmas. Out of all the songs on the game the kids new the Taylor Swift songs the best. So after hearing those about 100 times we made them switch to other songs. It would go between American Pie, YMCA, and Kung Fu Fighting (the "Kung Fu Panda song" as it was called). Anyway, after we sent the kids to bed we decided to have fun on our own. This is Jeigh singing away.

Same night, same story. The difference is this is Sarah, Michael's other sister who lives in WV, on the drums and her husband, Mike, on the guitar. They were both doing a way awesome job.

This is Michael telling me he loves me. I remember the night that Michael and I "hooked up" it was my birthday. My room mate threw me an awesome party (thanks Brooke) and there were a whole bunch of people there, including my mom and sisters. When my mom went to leave she said goodbye in our "tenderly" way by giving me the finger. Michael told me that it's a sign of endearment in his family too. It's one of the reasons I knew we were a good match.

Here's Rex again. He didn't really want to play Band Hero with us. We were hoping we could get him up to start a Dance Revolution with us but no such luck. He loved this chair too much. I don't really blame him, though. Sarah made these awesome deep fried cookies and it was pretty hard to move after eating them.

Here's Sarah and I. I'm super super lucky because I have the best in-laws in the whole world. I feel like I've been a long lost member of their family. Sarah and I got married around the same time so we've struggled with a lot of the same things when it comes to new marriages and what not. We also were friends before I even met Michael. On New Year's Eve we got to hang out, just the two of us, because everyone else was playing basketball. It was so nice to get caught up and share hugs, feelings, thoughts, and other stuff. I really value that time and think of it as one of the main highlights of the trip. I wanted to get a picture of Sarah's cute family but Owyn, her oldest, was feeling sick so it was no such luck. But let me tell you, those girls (Lily is the other one) are so stickin cute and so sweet.

This is Jeigh and Rex's family plus Michael's butt. Their kids call Michael Fatty. Sarah's kids are working on it but they still think that your saying Daddy not Fatty. Don't you just love Jett's (the son) smile?

Here's Jeigh and I. I'm the one on the right. I know it's hard to tell because we look so much alike. We are twins. Jeigh is working on a really awesome novel right now. Even with in the time that I was there her novel has changed and grown. I can't wait for it to get published so all of you can read it, because you will love it just like I have. Just like with Sarah, I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Jeigh. She always gets me laughing so it was pretty fun. We too got to share hugs, feelings, thoughts, and other stuff. It was awesome.

This sign sums up Philippi, West Virginia; town of 2800 people. I wasn't able to get a picture of it but apparently there is a Civil War museum and the sign for it used to say Cival War until they scratched out the "a" to make it look like an "i." Also there is a store called Bargan Barn. Pretty awesome I know.

I had a lot of fun on our trip. I really wish we could have stayed longer but our normal lives needed us to come home. If I had it my way though, we would have been out there for another week! Thanks for having us Jeigh, Rex, Sarah, and Mike. Miss us because we miss you.