Monday, January 17, 2011

What? No pictures?

I'm not that big of a picture taker. When I was growing up I always kind of depended on my dad to do that; you know because he likes that kind of stuff. Then, I married Michael and he gets his photography bug from his mom so I kind of started depending on that. Then, our camera is old and totally sucks so now we really don't like taking pictures. So, I apologize.

I just got back from my sister-in-laws house in Arizona. I have never been to her "home base" so it was super awesome. I got see where she cooks, where she eats, where she plays the Wii. Where she prays, where she sleeps, where she sits while she reads my blog (Hi Erin!), and where she keeps her food storage. She taught me a lot about food storage and I'm really excited about that. Now that I'm moving into this new place I actually have room and I really feel the need to get started.

The main highlight of the trip was my niece's baptism. It was so super cool to see that. I gave her a quilt for her baptism and she carried it around the whole trip. I was really impressed of how grown up my niece is. She is polite and so smart. She would help her little brothers and dress herself. She is eight so it is expected that she should do these things but it still just blows my mind that she can.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting Mekell (HI!) and Deke Burch. These are Erin's besties and I've heard a lot about them over the past how ever many years. Erin is right, they are pretty dang awesome. We all became instant friends and spent the two days laughing together.

Besides the baptism we played a lot of Speed Uno, some Scum, a little bit of the paper game, had very little sleep, watched a movie, and ate a lot of chicken salad sandwich and cake eating. Probably way too much cake eating. It was so much fun and I really wanted to stay longer. Really bad.

I was lucky enough to see all of Michael's family in the same month. They are so awesome and I'm so lucky to have them in my life. I already miss them all. *sigh*

Now that the trips are over I'm forced to get back to real life. I need to start my work out program back up (all that cake you know) and get prepared to move in three weeks.


Erin said...

it was so fun to have you guys! you are welcome to come visit anytime! We're still wading through blankets and pillows and cake at our house, you all left quite a wake! But I'm reluctant to clean it all up because it feels like I 'm erasing the weekend memories. it was SO fun! Thanks for taking the time to come out! love you!

Jeigh said...

Gaa! I'm so jealous you got to go! And that you got to meet Mekel and Deke! And that you got to go! I still miss you guys. Oh, and I'm so excited for you to move.

Who knows what he will say next said...

Hi from the Burch's!!! You are so sweet. We were so excited to meet you guys and had so much fun. We have loved Kerry and Erin and been friends for so long now it is nice to finally be meeting all the family. The more we meet the more people we love. Whenever we go to Berkeley to see Brenn and Kaulin there will be one more place to drop by and say "hi". It will be fun to pop in and out on your blog and see what you guys are up to :) :)