Sunday, January 2, 2011


I wanted to prove to everyone that I actually went to WV and I do actually have family there. I'm sure everyone believed me but I thought I would post this just for good measures.

This is my all time favorite picture in the whole bunch. Michael (on the right) and Rex, his brother in law, (on the left) are playing Halo Reach. Notice Rex is wearing a headset because he is so cool. Also, "because they needed them just in case they needed to chop someone's head off" the Samari swords in their shirts. I laughed so hard when I saw this.

This is New Year's Eve night. Jeigh, Michael's sister, and Rex got their kids B-A-N-D H-E-R-O.. BAND HERO for Christmas. Out of all the songs on the game the kids new the Taylor Swift songs the best. So after hearing those about 100 times we made them switch to other songs. It would go between American Pie, YMCA, and Kung Fu Fighting (the "Kung Fu Panda song" as it was called). Anyway, after we sent the kids to bed we decided to have fun on our own. This is Jeigh singing away.

Same night, same story. The difference is this is Sarah, Michael's other sister who lives in WV, on the drums and her husband, Mike, on the guitar. They were both doing a way awesome job.

This is Michael telling me he loves me. I remember the night that Michael and I "hooked up" it was my birthday. My room mate threw me an awesome party (thanks Brooke) and there were a whole bunch of people there, including my mom and sisters. When my mom went to leave she said goodbye in our "tenderly" way by giving me the finger. Michael told me that it's a sign of endearment in his family too. It's one of the reasons I knew we were a good match.

Here's Rex again. He didn't really want to play Band Hero with us. We were hoping we could get him up to start a Dance Revolution with us but no such luck. He loved this chair too much. I don't really blame him, though. Sarah made these awesome deep fried cookies and it was pretty hard to move after eating them.

Here's Sarah and I. I'm super super lucky because I have the best in-laws in the whole world. I feel like I've been a long lost member of their family. Sarah and I got married around the same time so we've struggled with a lot of the same things when it comes to new marriages and what not. We also were friends before I even met Michael. On New Year's Eve we got to hang out, just the two of us, because everyone else was playing basketball. It was so nice to get caught up and share hugs, feelings, thoughts, and other stuff. I really value that time and think of it as one of the main highlights of the trip. I wanted to get a picture of Sarah's cute family but Owyn, her oldest, was feeling sick so it was no such luck. But let me tell you, those girls (Lily is the other one) are so stickin cute and so sweet.

This is Jeigh and Rex's family plus Michael's butt. Their kids call Michael Fatty. Sarah's kids are working on it but they still think that your saying Daddy not Fatty. Don't you just love Jett's (the son) smile?

Here's Jeigh and I. I'm the one on the right. I know it's hard to tell because we look so much alike. We are twins. Jeigh is working on a really awesome novel right now. Even with in the time that I was there her novel has changed and grown. I can't wait for it to get published so all of you can read it, because you will love it just like I have. Just like with Sarah, I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Jeigh. She always gets me laughing so it was pretty fun. We too got to share hugs, feelings, thoughts, and other stuff. It was awesome.

This sign sums up Philippi, West Virginia; town of 2800 people. I wasn't able to get a picture of it but apparently there is a Civil War museum and the sign for it used to say Cival War until they scratched out the "a" to make it look like an "i." Also there is a store called Bargan Barn. Pretty awesome I know.

I had a lot of fun on our trip. I really wish we could have stayed longer but our normal lives needed us to come home. If I had it my way though, we would have been out there for another week! Thanks for having us Jeigh, Rex, Sarah, and Mike. Miss us because we miss you.


Jeigh said...

I do miss you guys! Ahh, that was such a fun visit. And where do I start with those pictures. Oh, I know...Mike's collar! Hahahahaha! That makes me laugh. Also, I've been craving those deep-fried good lovin's ever since New Year's. Gosh. I can't wait for more good times with my Fatty and my twinner. I'm glad you said who was who, because I couldn't remember :) Love your guts!

Sarahie said...

I totally miss you too! And, that time was one of the highlights of my time with you guys as well. It was nice to bond a bit. =) I miss you guys so!

I like the picture of me playing the drums. I look like I'm holding them so properly! And, maybe even like I know what I'm doing! And also those cookies are wonderful things!