Sunday, January 9, 2011

We got started out on the right foot

When Michael got his job at UC Berkeley in August of last year we started to think more seriously about moving into a bigger place. We got really excited at first and started looking looking looking on Craigslist for a new place. There were a few that looked especially exciting so I had to get serious. I looked at our budgets and our "needs" (like going to WV for Christmas and going to AZ for our niece's baptism and basketball tickets and other totally awesome things) and found that maybe moving RIGHT THEN wasn't such a good idea. We decided that we would hold off looking until January.

Well guess what....


That snuck up fast now didn't it?

Since it was a start of a new year and the thought randomly crossed my mind I thought it might be interesting to email some people in our ward who own a whole bunch of locations throughout the bay area and see what they would have available. I didn't think too much of it. *Pssst... I was really hoping they would have something cool and in our price range. To my surprise there was a lot available and they emailed me back almost instantly. So over a few days, I think maybe one, we were introduced to a lot of places all over the bay. Late one night we went to three places that were all good but not quite doing it for us; we knew something was missing. Borg, the awesome gentleman showing us around, asked us what we needed and what we were expecting. After assessing our needs he mentioned one more place that might be more what we are looking for. We thought that it might we worth a shot and drove over to a HOUSE. Yes, a three bedroom HOUSE. We. Were. In. Love.

It has stairs (I'm really excited about that), a breakfast nook, a dining area, a large laundry room, a storage room (Michael's new man cave), a laundry shoot, a working fireplace in a huge living room, a side yard, and we don't have change wards. Best part, it's in our price range.

Long story short...we are moving next month. On our way out this weekend we dropped a thirty day notice off for our apartment. I'm so happy.

If you want to see it go HERE and enter 3526 Meadow St. Oakland, CA (Chances are you are then going to have to move to the left on google maps because it's a little confused. You should be looking at a white house with no tree in front.) ... or come visit.


Krissandra said...

Luanne! That is so exciting!! I am super happy for you two!! And I might have to take you up on that visiting offer! I miss you!

Erin said...

yeah! I love moving for fun instead of for necessity! It makes moving day so much more exciting! and yeah for a better space!

Sarahie said...

jealous. And excited! Yay for you guys! I really would like to come visit some time. I don't know when, but some time. Good luch and congratulations! (post some pictures on facebook when you have them so we can have atour of your new house.)

Mama J said...

How exciting. How is that neighborhood? And BTW you are in the 9th ward boundary. Welcome to our ward! hehehehe

Toni said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! It sounds awesome. You'll have to post pictures of the new place once you move in!