Sunday, August 30, 2009

I think it's worth a try

Every 5th Sunday of the month our ward has a linger longer. We eat Costco pizzas with home made dessert and enjoy lingering longer with our ward family. Today at our linger longer a person in our ward was giving out not quite bloomed orchids. I know this sounds random so let me explain further.
Has anyone heard of staging a home? Don't feel bad if you haven't; I didn't know about it until I moved out here. When people put their homes up for sale they like to make it look nice so that it will sell faster. So, some home owners higher a "stager" to stage their home. These staging businesses have a lot of furniture, curtains, pots, pans, towels, etc. The businesses stage the homes for sale with the nice furniture, curtains, pots, pans, towels, etc. so the homes look more "homey." So, a lady that used to live in our ward owns one of these staging businesses and has a humongous warehouse full of stuff. Even though the lady no longer livess in our ward there are still people in our ward who work there. So, this lady had all these flowerless orchids and needed to get rid of this coming together for you?
Anyway, so I usually kill every plant I see. I even remember that one year I tried to help my mom (in-law) plant some corn and it was a bad year of corn. But, these orchids are pretty low maitence and I think I can do it. So, here is my plant (still unnamed) in her beginning stages. Stay posted so you can see what becomes of her.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Check out how cute!

I'm getting a hang of this blogging thing...check out how cute my blog is.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Robert's Baptism

One thing that I really like about getting new jobs is the opportunity to meet a new group of people. I always seem to find one person that I can connect to and hold a strong bond with. As a baker, at Panera, I was able to hold a strong bond with Robert Hines. Robert is one of those people that everyone can get along with. If you don't get along with Robert it is your fault because he is such a great guy.
Robert is really easy to open up to and always seems to have good advice. Through our hours of working together we were able to get into some really in depth conversations. Since the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is such an important thing in my life and helps in my every day decisions I brought it up about every day. Slowly, but surely, Robert was learning more and more about the LDS religion and he would ask more and more in depth (VERY difficult) questions. I can honestly say that I answered questions that I did not know I knew the answers too. The great thing about Robert is he has a really strong Christian background and knows the Bible a lot better than anyone I know. So, it was easy for him to understand what I was talking about. One thing led to another and I was finally given the opportunity to give Robert a Book of Mormon. He was lucky enough to go to the Lord in earnest prayer and feel the spirit testify to him that the Book of Mormon is a true book of our Heavenly Father. After going to church and learning from the missionaries Robert was baptized on August 16th!
The spirit was so strong at his baptism and I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to witness such an important ordinance. Robert is going to be such a strong member of the gospel and I'm excited for the people he will encounter because they will all truly be blessed! Below are pictures from his baptism.
Michael had the honor of preforming the baptism. Michael and I were both really touched that Robert asked Michael to do this special ordinance.
These three missionaries all had the wonderful opportunity of teaching Robert. Far left: Elder Way. The one standing right next to Michael: Elder Puy. Far Right: Elder Ladd. Elder Ladd was transferred a few weeks before the baptism but was given special permission to attend the baptism. I thought that was really neat because he played such a large role in teaching Robert.
I can't put into words how proud of Robert I am. I love him so much and I am so glad that he is now a member of Christ's church.