Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love Primary

It's true. I work really hard for them every week because I love it so much. So, I made all these awesome things for an upcoming primary singing time and I know the kids will not appreciate me so someone has gotta. In reality, I know that I have some close friends and family that have the same calling that I do and I thought this might be a fun idea to share. If you would like to use it I can email you the pictures and you can just print them off your computer so you don't have to make them yourself. I'm actually really proud of what I did and I think I learned a lot myself.
The kids are going to be learning the books in the Book of Mormon and these pictures are how I thought they would learn best.
Below each picture is the description/ reason of why the picture is what it is.

1st&2nd Books of Nephi: Lehi brought his family over to the Americas in 1st Nephi.
Jacob: Jacob 5-the olive tree

Enos: Enos prays for remission of his sins.
Jarom: Nephites are looking forward to when Christ comes.

Omni: Mosiah dies and King Benjamen steps forward as leader.
Words of Mormon: Mormon puts the Golden Plates together and gives them a special blessing.

Mosiah: King Benjamen gives his "address."
Alma: War...need I say more

Helaman: Story of the stripling warriors.
3rd, 4th Nephi: Christ comes to the Americas in 3rd Nephi.

Mormon: Lamanites are taking over the Nephites. That's the Lamanites camp ground.
Ether: Those are stones that are being lit up...like what happened to the Brother of Jared.
Mosiah: Last book in the Book of Mormon

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remember my Orchid?

Well...it died. I am not surprised so you should not be either. Anyway, so same company, same story, this time with pillows!! Look how cute!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner for Two-October

This is the Dinner for Two I just did last Friday. Once again...a lot of fun. Thank you to Masha Ellsworth for taking my pictures. Please click on older posts so that you can see pictures from my August Dinner for Two.

Dinner for Two-August

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my business, Dinner for Two. Dinner for Two combines my two passions; cooking and teaching. For those who did not see the post here is a rundown:
I use my expertise that I learned in school and teach them in a fun, laid back environment to couples (or a couple of friends). I always make sure to have three courses so there is a lot of variety. I try to emphasize techniques and making the recipe your own. I have had success so far and hope for more in the future.
Here are some pictures from my first Dinner for Two back in August. Pictures from the most recent one will be up in my next post.
Thank you to Masha Ellsworth for taking pictures (along with Michael) they look really good.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Now this is cool

This afternoon when I was driving home from work I thought about how much love is shown when you serve. It's so easy to serve someone and can mean more to the person you are serving than you will ever know.
This amazing woman is showing service above and beyond anything I have ever done but she inspires me to do more. She is helping this little girl in a way that helps me remember the importance of service and the love we can show one another.