Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love Primary

It's true. I work really hard for them every week because I love it so much. So, I made all these awesome things for an upcoming primary singing time and I know the kids will not appreciate me so someone has gotta. In reality, I know that I have some close friends and family that have the same calling that I do and I thought this might be a fun idea to share. If you would like to use it I can email you the pictures and you can just print them off your computer so you don't have to make them yourself. I'm actually really proud of what I did and I think I learned a lot myself.
The kids are going to be learning the books in the Book of Mormon and these pictures are how I thought they would learn best.
Below each picture is the description/ reason of why the picture is what it is.

1st&2nd Books of Nephi: Lehi brought his family over to the Americas in 1st Nephi.
Jacob: Jacob 5-the olive tree

Enos: Enos prays for remission of his sins.
Jarom: Nephites are looking forward to when Christ comes.

Omni: Mosiah dies and King Benjamen steps forward as leader.
Words of Mormon: Mormon puts the Golden Plates together and gives them a special blessing.

Mosiah: King Benjamen gives his "address."
Alma: War...need I say more

Helaman: Story of the stripling warriors.
3rd, 4th Nephi: Christ comes to the Americas in 3rd Nephi.

Mormon: Lamanites are taking over the Nephites. That's the Lamanites camp ground.
Ether: Those are stones that are being lit up...like what happened to the Brother of Jared.
Mosiah: Last book in the Book of Mormon


Team Jogan said...

i love it :) and i love that song playing on your page! its been a few months since i was in primary and when it started playing i was like... i miss this!!

Cardell Family said...

I love 'em! It is a great idea and very creative.

Jamie said...

Great Job! I am sad I am going to miss it. Adjusting to R.S. is not as easy as I thought it would be. I miss primary! (no matter the disfunctions)

Brit Jo said...

Luanne...I love you! You are such an awesome singing time leader! I can't wait to see this in action!