Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner for Two-August

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my business, Dinner for Two. Dinner for Two combines my two passions; cooking and teaching. For those who did not see the post here is a rundown:
I use my expertise that I learned in school and teach them in a fun, laid back environment to couples (or a couple of friends). I always make sure to have three courses so there is a lot of variety. I try to emphasize techniques and making the recipe your own. I have had success so far and hope for more in the future.
Here are some pictures from my first Dinner for Two back in August. Pictures from the most recent one will be up in my next post.
Thank you to Masha Ellsworth for taking pictures (along with Michael) they look really good.


Team Jogan said...

mmm! that sounds really cool!

ErinG said...

wow Luanne. I'm putting this on my list of things to do now. I would love to do this for a date night! That food looks so delicious, and it would be an awesome date night! good job! I hope it becomes wildly successful for you. Love you!

Jeigh said...

Man, I wish I could be your little groupie! It is all so pretty! I'm with Erin, I hope this really takes off for you. It looks like a lot of fun! Love you!

Suzi Hardy said...

This is like the perfect idea for you. I can see how you would really like doing this and I think it is such a unique idea. wish I could be there to do one with you.
Looks all fun and cosy.