Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Isn't that funny?

I'm pretty much overwhelmed right now. I'm days away from quitting a job that I love and hate all at the same time. I've started on a quilt. I need to make 60 cupcakes by Saturday. I'm having a Halloween party on Saturday. PLUS, I have some other personal things going on. Yes, most of these things I want to do and volunteered myself for them but I'm still overwhelmed.

On my way home from work today I lost it. By lost I mean embarrassing full on weeping and wailing big tears lost it. Most of those tears were from the personal stuff and I got so frustrated with myself and my situation and not knowing how to fix it. I, once again embarrassingly, pleaded to God for help. I needed some guidance that I've been dying for and needing.

So what's so funny? Not long after my sobbing the next song to some on the radio was this. I must warn you I was listening to country. So, listen at your own risk. How's that for an answer?

Even though nothing was solved and I'm still in the same exact position I was an hour ago, I feel better.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I love

Here is a list of 20 things I love in no particular order.

1- My husband

2- My cat, she is so cute.

3- Food

4- The rain

5- Halloween

6- Kids

7- Knowing I made a difference in someone's life

8- Chickens

9- The color orange

10- Fruit

11- Chalkboards

12- Playing the piano

13- Musicals

14- The Book of Mormon

15- Going to a session in the temple

16- Painting my toenails

17- Singing as loud as I can when in the car by myself

18- On the same note I love dancing around like an idiot when no one is home

19- My family

20- Basketball... More specifically, the Denver Nuggets

I now challenge you to make a list as well. It's fun and makes you think happy thoughts.

That reminds me there is a book, can't remember the name of it, that is just a really long list of things that make people smile. I really want that book. I will figure out the name of it and let you know. I encourage each and every one of you to own one. Just reading it makes you smile.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Projects

Today was an unplanned day off; those are the best. So, I decided to take this opportunity to work on some of my fun new projects.

My cute niece is turning 8 in January. Turning 8 in the LDS world is a very exciting year; it's the year that you get baptized. Because there is a good possibility I might be insane, I have decided to take on the challenge of making each niece and nephew of mine a quilt when they are baptized. With my niece's baptism being just around the corner I needed to get a head start on her quilt. I bought her fabric and I'm super excited to get started. Here is the inspirational fabric:

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I have to get started now or I will not finish on time. Today, I started my Christmas cards. I was able to get all the stamps I needed and after several loops around Michael's I figured out what I want to do. I was able to come home and get started right away. It was also a fun time to hang out with my cat. She gets really into bright ribbons and plastic.

I'm starting a secret project that involves my third greatest passion in life. First being, my religion. Second being, teaching children. As more time goes on maybe I'll let you in on a little bit but you'll have to be patient.

I love projects. I love crafting. I love sewing. I love...to cook. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm really tired

I am extremely exhausted and I don't really feel like I have a reason to be so I just wanted to list some things I've been doing over the last two days so it makes me feel ok for being as tired as I am.


Woke up
Got ready for church
Made myself some breakfast
Went to church
Practiced for the Primary Program
Left church
Went home and changed
Went to work
Found out an employee didn't show up for work
This leads to:
Me having to run around to make coffees, stock napkins, sugars, condiments, straws, lids, and silverware.
In the mean time I have bring food to customers, do other managerial things, and make the bakery display look like a million dollars. When I walked in it looked like it was in debt by about one hundred dollars.
Talk with other managers and boss about firing employee that did not come in. This required a lot of research.
I had 3 new employees on that all needed training at the same time
Close the cafe (this requires a lot of work)

Monday: (supposed to be my day off)

Take Michael to work
Make breakfast
Talk to boss, once again, about firing employee who didn't come in
Turns out we are firing her and I need to cover her shift
Go to work
Watch a girl get fired that is living on the streets. This was so hard to watch. But business is business and sometimes that has to come first.
Work a really busy lunch.
At the end of my shift I found out that every minute I work tomorrow is going to be overtime...I'm scheduled for 9 hours. That means a 50 hour week.
I just got over the flu and still recovering and not very well may I add.

That's depressing. Even though I wrote it all down I still feel like it doesn't really give me reason to be as exhausted as I am. Keep in mind that my job is super stressful All. The. Time. Luanne, say good bye to that weight you lost because it's right back with all this stress. Sigh. 17 more days.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here's the favor

As most of you know and some may need to know, my husband is very good at what he does. What does he do, you ask? He's a motion graphic designer(MGD). What is a MGD? Pretty much everything you see on TV, especially ads, has been touched by a MGD. So, they do EVERYTHING!!

Michael just finished a project and it looks pretty dang good. I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife, either. I bet you want to know what this project is. I'll tell ya.

Have you ever heard of the band Unwritten Law? They are pretty awesome. They are releasing a new album in 2011 called Swan. They decided to reach out to their fans and have the fans design their new album cover. It's a contest. The album cover currently in the lead sucks. On top of that Michael's is so awesome that he has to win. So please go to this website and vote.

The link that is the word "this" takes you to Michael's album cover. You will need to go to the main (home) page. Once there go to Michael's thumbnail and click on the link under it and give it five (5) whole stars. Please oh please do it. We don't win any money or anything but it's something to add to Michael's resume which is pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things that are going great:

-We bought tickets to go visit my ever so awesome family for Christmas.
-My paycheck was...let's just say a lot....a lot more than what it normally is.
-With Michael's paycheck we were able to start a savings. A REAL savings. Not just a place where we keep money even though we know that we will have dip into it sooner rather than later.
-Our new health benefits rock. I went to the Pharmacy to get my test strips and they were FREE.
-Halloween is on it's way.
-I have started my Christmas cards.
-I'm going to have O's for breakfast this morning.
-O's were on sale at Target for only $2.00 a box.
-My cat is in a snuggly mood this morning.
-I got to sleep in and will be able to sleep in tomorrow.
-I'm only 24 days away from having only 1 job.
-General Conference weekend was last weekend and it was so amazing. I cried pretty much all 8 hours.
-The Primary Program is only 2 weeks away. I love seeing all my hard work pay off when parents are in the "audience" smiling from ear to ear because their kid looks so cute singing.
-I have enough groceries in my house to last me a month. This include fresh fruits and vegetables.
-I found out that when your back is against the wall and you have no meat defrosted but a friend who just had a baby and needs a nice, warm home cooked meal, canned chicken rocks. Seriously, rocks.

I'm sure there are about a million other things that are going awesome but I now want to go enjoy that bowl of O's. :) Also, I have a doctor's appt. that I have to get to