Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm really tired

I am extremely exhausted and I don't really feel like I have a reason to be so I just wanted to list some things I've been doing over the last two days so it makes me feel ok for being as tired as I am.


Woke up
Got ready for church
Made myself some breakfast
Went to church
Practiced for the Primary Program
Left church
Went home and changed
Went to work
Found out an employee didn't show up for work
This leads to:
Me having to run around to make coffees, stock napkins, sugars, condiments, straws, lids, and silverware.
In the mean time I have bring food to customers, do other managerial things, and make the bakery display look like a million dollars. When I walked in it looked like it was in debt by about one hundred dollars.
Talk with other managers and boss about firing employee that did not come in. This required a lot of research.
I had 3 new employees on that all needed training at the same time
Close the cafe (this requires a lot of work)

Monday: (supposed to be my day off)

Take Michael to work
Make breakfast
Talk to boss, once again, about firing employee who didn't come in
Turns out we are firing her and I need to cover her shift
Go to work
Watch a girl get fired that is living on the streets. This was so hard to watch. But business is business and sometimes that has to come first.
Work a really busy lunch.
At the end of my shift I found out that every minute I work tomorrow is going to be overtime...I'm scheduled for 9 hours. That means a 50 hour week.
I just got over the flu and still recovering and not very well may I add.

That's depressing. Even though I wrote it all down I still feel like it doesn't really give me reason to be as exhausted as I am. Keep in mind that my job is super stressful All. The. Time. Luanne, say good bye to that weight you lost because it's right back with all this stress. Sigh. 17 more days.


Jeigh said...

Uh, you have plenty of reason to be exhausted. Being on your feet all day is tiring. So give yourself some slack! You are working hard! I'm excited for you to be almost done. I hope it goes fast. I love you!

Heather I. said...

You can do it!! Poor girl, I didn't know you had the flu :( You're so close to the end, just hang on a bit longer.