Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks Sarah!

My awesome sister Sarah has inspired me and now you all get to reap the benefit too! Sarah, I'm sure she doesn't mind me sharing, has decided to blog every day. Her blogs are about her finding the happiness in life. Since she is a mom of 2 and a wife it's easy for her to get down and her daily blogs help uplift her.
I find that it's easy to get down on yourself. I work really hard for my small family and never get any recognition for it and it makes me sad. I also have been having a lot of problems at work, which you all heard about. But for me the best way to feel good about myself is to eat right and work out. Right before I went on vacation earlier this month I was on a strict diet and was working out daily. I lost 10 lbs and was feeling so good. But since I went on vacation I really wanted to eat at restaurants that we don't have in the bay area so I had to convince myself to let go of my diet for a weekend...BIGGEST. MISTAKE. EVER. It's so much easier to let go of your diet than it is to start it up again.
So, for the past week I've been trying to get back into my routine of working out daily, drinking water (which, yes, I do have to force myself to do), and eat right but I just haven't been able to do it. I then realized that if I "had" to report to "someone" than it would be a lot easier to do. So what does that mean to you, the reader?
Every day I am going to be posting what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will also report what I did to work out and how I feel. I think that it will help me realize how much eating right and working out does for me. You don't have to read it or comment on it, it' s really for me. But I do hope the chain goes on of YOU finding a way to uplift yourself daily!
See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Confession then Vent

Confession: I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada. I don't know what it is about this movie that I love so much. For those who have seen it, I'm sorry, but you are going to get a little of an over view.
The movie is about an assistant for the editor of Runway. This woman, the editor, is crazy. The world revolves around her and she always gets what she wants. Even though she is Cruella DeVil (101 Dalmatians) everyone seeks for her attention and approval.
Well, the assistant to this devil woman becomes close friends with another employee of runway. This man has worked for Runway for a long time. He has dedicated his life to the magazine. Towards the end of the movie this man "secretly" tells the assistant that he was promoted as a partner for this great designer. Apparently it's like a really big deal and something he has always wanted; the devil woman is the one giving him the promotion.
A lot of things happen which would be way to complicated to explain, you should really just see the movie, and right when devil woman is supposed to publicly announce the man's promotion she announces that someone else will be getting the promotion and the man is stuck giving his life to Runway with out any promotion. The assistant looks over at the man to see what he thinks. The man smiles and says, "She'll pay me back one day." The assistant says, "You sure about that?" The man says, "I can only hope." *or something like that*
Every time I watch this I just think, "WHY WHY WHY? do you stay with this awful company. I know you love it but is it really worth it?"
I recently started actively looking for another job. Michael and I just aren't making enough money and I'm tired of my roads to nowhere and empty promises. I've worked for the company for 1 1/2 years and I work very very hard. My work is so important that my boss actually, not just jokingly, wants to schedule me 7 days a week. We compromised with 6 days. When I first transferred from the baking side to the retail side I was told that I was going to be a manager. But then my Cruella DeVil decided against it. His explanation was that another supervisor wasn't needed. Then, a supervisor quit because she needed to take care of some family business. Ya, PERFECT opportunity for LuLu. But then I figured out that I wasn't being considered for this position. I ASSUMED that Cruella had decided that he was just going to bring in another supervisor from another store or just let Alameda suffer.
SO...I was just offered a job as a sales manager. AFTER training I would make a lot of money. But there are a lot of "if's" that are making Michael and I really think about whether or not this new job is right for me. One of the things that I think about when deciding whether or not I want to take this new job I took into consideration the fact that I LOVE Panera. I love the bread, the idea, the food, the people, I love the company; I believe in the company. I decided that the best option would be for me to talk to my boss so that I could figure out if I could get that supervisor promotion now because I know they are looking for one. I thought about it all day at work and finally sat down with my boss, who I want to clarify is NOT Cruella, and let him know exactly how I feel about the new job offer compared to Panera. I told him that in an ideal world I would stay with Panera and get a promotion. I told him that part of the reason that I was actively looking for another job was because I was not being considered for that supervisor position. My boss then told me that because he respects me he wanted to tell me something privately and he didn't want me to find out the hard way. Apparently, this is hard to type I have to keep wiping tears, my Cruella has already decided to promote another associate who works at my same location and has worked for the company 1 yr less than I have.
I don't understand and I'm so upset. But, I love Panera. So I will hide my tears, hold my head up high, and keep going to work because I LOVE Panera and my Cruella will pay me back some day. Am I sure about that? I can only hope.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IKEA+Ross=New Look for the Hardys

Michael and I have been very blessed and were given a few extra dollars for some much needed spending. Some of it is going towards me going to Pocatello this weekend to go through the temple with my mom for the first time EVER!! Way to go, Mom. If you live and Poky and would like to see me, I'm sorry, I am spending the weekend with my mom! The other part of our cash is going towards a trip to Michael's mission in April and also...NEW FURNITURE!!
Sob Story:
I don't know what it is about getting married that makes people think they need to give you all the furniture they hate. But, we were fortunate enough to get a bed, a couch, and a dresser all for free when we were first wed. Needless to say, none of it mat
ched and it was all hideous. Our mattress was previously owned by a single man and his imprint was smack dab in the middle. The dresser didn't fit all of our clothes. And when we moved to Cali our couch broke and we weren't able to sit in the middle.
Exciting Stuff:
Michael and I have been planning for about a year what we want our bedroom and living room to look like. We would go to IKEA, awesome furniture store for those who don't know, and look at the show room wishing we could afford some of it. Finally, yes
terday, our dreams came true and we were able to buy a new mattress, bed frame, night stands, and a dresser. I went to Ross and got some curtains and a duvet cover set. Our living room has a lot of IKEA things too. The thing that really makes it stand out, though, is our awesome couch. Unfortunately, we are just baby sitting the couch but I'm pretty sure we are going to get one just like it when its original owners need it back.
So gawk and be jealous....

This is our dresser. I'm sorry about the glare, the lighting in my room is awful and if I wanted a picture I had to use the flash.

You can't really tell but the night stands are actually attached to the bed. Rump is very excited about the new mattress.

The ensemble.

So sexy I know!