Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IKEA+Ross=New Look for the Hardys

Michael and I have been very blessed and were given a few extra dollars for some much needed spending. Some of it is going towards me going to Pocatello this weekend to go through the temple with my mom for the first time EVER!! Way to go, Mom. If you live and Poky and would like to see me, I'm sorry, I am spending the weekend with my mom! The other part of our cash is going towards a trip to Michael's mission in April and also...NEW FURNITURE!!
Sob Story:
I don't know what it is about getting married that makes people think they need to give you all the furniture they hate. But, we were fortunate enough to get a bed, a couch, and a dresser all for free when we were first wed. Needless to say, none of it mat
ched and it was all hideous. Our mattress was previously owned by a single man and his imprint was smack dab in the middle. The dresser didn't fit all of our clothes. And when we moved to Cali our couch broke and we weren't able to sit in the middle.
Exciting Stuff:
Michael and I have been planning for about a year what we want our bedroom and living room to look like. We would go to IKEA, awesome furniture store for those who don't know, and look at the show room wishing we could afford some of it. Finally, yes
terday, our dreams came true and we were able to buy a new mattress, bed frame, night stands, and a dresser. I went to Ross and got some curtains and a duvet cover set. Our living room has a lot of IKEA things too. The thing that really makes it stand out, though, is our awesome couch. Unfortunately, we are just baby sitting the couch but I'm pretty sure we are going to get one just like it when its original owners need it back.
So gawk and be jealous....

This is our dresser. I'm sorry about the glare, the lighting in my room is awful and if I wanted a picture I had to use the flash.

You can't really tell but the night stands are actually attached to the bed. Rump is very excited about the new mattress.

The ensemble.

So sexy I know!


Jamie said...

Super cute! Love getting new furniture. Yippee for you and have fun in Pocatello with your Mom...that is AWESOME (yes I type like a teenage boy)

Cardell Family said...

1. Yay for your mom! That's so exciting! Give her a hug for me (and, if you are seeing my mom, give her a hug for me too, please!)

2. I'm so super jealous. I love Ikea and I want a new bed so bad. And also, good choice on the's very nice.

3. Is that the sign I made for Michael on top of your dresser? Oh, if it is, my heart is happy (so if it isn't, you don't have to tell me. =) Love ya!

Tony and Amanda French said...

That is so exciting. Tony and I just bought us a new bedroom set also. Tony decided that he wanted a King Size bed so we upgraded. Lol... I don't really know why but we did. Love the bedding. Hope your trip to Pokey is fun. I miss you tons. Tell your mom congrats from Tony and I. That is so exciting. I'm proud of her. Love ya tons

Suzi Hardy said...

Yeah! Looks so nice. It is amazing what new furniture can do to the place and to you. I hope your bed is finally comfy for you, I know you slept, or tried to sleep on that crap bed for soooo long.
by the way, it was REALLY good to see you on Friday and get that great.big.hug. We love you and we miss you. thanks for taking some time out of your time with your mom to come and see us.

Jeigh said...

I could have sworn I already left a comment on this! Now I feel like a jerk! Sorry. Anyway, I loved getting a new bed. It's been a few years now for us, but I still like getting in it and feeling the comfort and coziness wrap around me...ahhhhhh. We don't have an actual bedroom set, though, so I'm jealous. Also, because IKEA is so close. I've only been once, and with my kids, so someday I want to spend a weekend there alone. Love ya!