Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's funny how that works

I have to admit the main reason I ever write posts is because I want to show off my new background. I know it may seem really silly to everyone else to have their background change with every season but to me it's awesome.
Besides having a super cute new background I have some pretty cool stuff happening around me that I want to share. So here I go...
I know that compared to most people out there the time that Michael and I have been in school is NOTHING compared to what you've gone through. I know that our two measly years out here in California don't even stand up to the eight or nine years that you have been doing it. But, despite all that, student life has been really hard on Michael and I. I have, at times, worked two jobs just to keep ourselves $150 short every month. I have eaten nothing but tortillas and ice cream that I would get free from work so that Michael could get in a real meal so that he could keep going at school. I have been so tired that I don't even remember driving to work, pretty sure I slept, just to work a couple of hours of over time so that we could buy just a little bit more groceries. I've had to choose between paying the credit card or the car payment or buying gas. And I have stayed at jobs where I am treated so badly but couldn't stand even one day with out work so I would stay. I have plenty more stories that match those but I'll stop.
I used to think that God was punishing us. I used to be really crazy with my money and I thought this was his way of saying , "Alright, you're done. Thanks for trying." I would cry and beg for more money and wait and wait for nothing to end up happening. I just couldn't understand why we weren't getting more money. What I didn't realize was my wonderful blessing in disguise. I look back over the last two years and wonder how in the heck we even survived. I wasn't exaggerating when I said that we were $150 short each month for a little while. Yet, we were never late on a bill. Even when I had to choose between payments and I didn't make payments on the DAY they were due I never went OVER due. Recently a credit card payment was made but the money never came out of my checking account...I have no idea how it was paid. On top of everything else I have learned to live inside a very tight budget. Even though, I think, Michael will make a lot of money one day I'm still happy to know how to live on such a tight budget. I think that it will help me to not go back to crazy spending once we have the money to spend. Most of all I know that I will forever understand, fully understand, Michael and his stress when he becomes the bread winner of the family. I would have never been able to appreciate Michael taking care of his family if I didn't have to take care of us now.
I think that all of you amazing people reading this blog already know and recognize all the blessings that you are receiving in your life as your spouses go to school BUT you should still look back at the last how ever many years and count your many blessings.
By the way....
147 DAYS and we are DONE!!!!
June 23rd; mark your calendars.


Mama J said...

Miracles. God is good.

And jealous you only have a short little time left.

Jeigh said...

We've had similar experiences, although we've been blessed to not be short every month. But sometimes, we look back and wonder how our money stretched so far. The Lord truly watches over us! And I'm jealous, too, that you are almost done, although we are getting there, too!

ErinG said...

I know what you mean, Luanne. It's amazing how the Lord will take care of you. We've seen lots of miracles ourselves.
and, I hate to admit this, but I'm super jealous that you guys are almost done with school. Someday...someday....someday....
Love you!

Suzi Hardy said...

Tender mercies, the Lord knows our needs, but makes us separate them from the wants.
I am so excited for you and Michael and keep you in my prayers for being able to find a good job. June 23rd, is on our calendar in great big letters!
love you!