Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let me tell you about this awesome lady I know.

Have you every met someone and when you meet it really feels like you are being reunited with a long lost friend? Your heart swells with joy and you step just a little bit lighter knowing you are with a long "lost" friend. Well, that's how it was when I met my mother in law.
I will never forget during good news moment in Relief Society when I mentioned that I was nervously meeting my boyfriend's parents. A lady in my ward, Radene Barker, instantly jumped out of her chair and with her hands in the air yelled, "You will LOVE his mom, Suzi." Since I put a lot of trust in Radene I knew my dinner that night would go well but I was still nervous. You see Michael is the youngest child and the only boy...see my dilemma?
To my surprise, though, I ended up meeting Suzi about one hour later; we ran into each other at church (small town, small church). She met me with a smile and mentioned that she was excited to get to know me better. This lightened the tension in the shoulders at the same exact time it made me a little bit more sick to my stomach.
After changing out of my church clothes I drove the long drive to Michael's house, took a deep breath, and walked in the front door. Once again, there was Suzi with a big smile welcoming me into her home. Since I wasn't being caught off guard I was more aware of her warmth and the sweetness of her smile. Needless to say the rest of the night went great. Instead of getting the impression that Mom was going to get rid of girl taking away baby child, only son; I got welcoming arms. The only person I had to "worry about" was my sister in law, but that's another story.
After a really fun night I had to go home because work was the next day for Michael and he had to get up early. Suzi and Mike (Michael's dad, who is also awesome and I love him just as much but this story is focused on Suzi) were standing at the door ready to say good bye. Suzi instantly took me in her arms and gave a huge hug and said that she couldn't wait to see me again. Just typing that makes my eyes water.
Since that moment things have only gone up. Suzi, I call her Mom now, has helped me through the hardest trials of my life. We are so much alike it's easy for us to share tears. The great thing about Mom, though, is she can share tears with anyone. I honestly believe that if every single person could spend one day with Mom the world would be a better place. She always is uplifting and brings you so close to the spirit that it's impossible to be upset at anything. Not only is she a great listener and up lifter she is also stronger than anyone I know. She has been through trials that you can't even think of but yet has come up on top.
Right now Mom is going through an especially hard time. I know, though, that she will come out on top. I'm so glad I was reunited with my long lost friend. It feels so good to hear her voice and her hugs are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. If you ever run into a Suzi Hardy, THE Suzi Hardy, make sure to stop and talk to her and maybe, just maybe, you'll be lucky enough to get one of her hugs.
Mom, the likelihood of you actually reading this are slim. But I would still like to tell you that I love you so much. I am the luckiest woman because I have the best mother in law in the whole world. XxOOoXxOXox


Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

Lucky you! That's a great story. Makes life so much better when you get long with your in-laws

Jeigh said...

Yes, you do have the best mother-in-law in the world!! Now, lets hear the story about that sister-in-law :) Love you!

ErinG said...

Luanne, it takes one to know one--you are the sweetest and BEST sister in law in the family! I loved this post. I know we are all united in thoughts this week, and oddly enough that makes me feel better--to know that across the span of miles that separate us, we are all thinking of the same thing. I love mom, too.
who's the sister-in-law you had to worry about? Me, right? Let's hear that story now.

Suzi Hardy said...

Luanne Thank you for the kind thougths and words. I am going through a hard time right now but being able to see how much I am loved by you is a huge source of help and strength. I do love you, so very much.