Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Quilts this Year

As you know, because you read my blog all the time, I make quilts for my nieces and nephews quilts when they are baptized. This year I have two that are getting baptized around the same time so I get to make two this year!

I just bought the fabric for the second one and I want to share how awesome they will be.

This is the first quilt for a boy. I did make one for my tomboy niece last year but still. His mom has already approved the fabric so I know he will love it.

This is for my very girly niece. There is some type on the novelty fabric that says "Once upon the time." Just in case you can't tell, the purple on the novelty fabric is sparkly. Also, the yarn is sparkly.   

I can't wait to get my cast off so I can get started.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things I love

I hurt my thumb real bad at work. I'm not really supposed to use my right hand.  I also can't work so I just have to sit at home. Helpless. (The sitting at home thing was only until I got my permanent cast; which I now have.)

Just in case you are wondering I was walking through a swinging door at the same time as someone else and my thumb bent the wrong way. I found out that I have sprained a ligament or, possibly, ligaments in my thumb and I have to wear a super cool cast for 3-6 weeks.

I chose purple because orange wasn't an option.


All that said these are the things that I thought about today that I love:

The smell of my dog.
Snuggling with my kitty.
CSI in the middle of the day.
The fact that my husband has to help me put on my clothes. I feel like a little kid.
Looking at a giant pile of laundry knowing I CAN'T put it away.
Having opportunity to prepare my talk when I didn't think I would have much time.
Having time to relax.
Being able to watch whatever I want on TV.
Not cooking because I can't.
Mid-day naps.
Not having to stress about the super stressful things at work.
My super comfy couch.