Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Quilts this Year

As you know, because you read my blog all the time, I make quilts for my nieces and nephews quilts when they are baptized. This year I have two that are getting baptized around the same time so I get to make two this year!

I just bought the fabric for the second one and I want to share how awesome they will be.

This is the first quilt for a boy. I did make one for my tomboy niece last year but still. His mom has already approved the fabric so I know he will love it.

This is for my very girly niece. There is some type on the novelty fabric that says "Once upon the time." Just in case you can't tell, the purple on the novelty fabric is sparkly. Also, the yarn is sparkly.   

I can't wait to get my cast off so I can get started.


Jeigh said...

Oh, mans. Good choices, Lu. She's going to love it. I already love it, and it's still just a pile of fabric. You're so awesome!

Creating Sarah said...

Like! They look like perfect selections! It makes me want to get baptized again so I can have a quilt! =) Love ya!

Erin said...

yeah! You mentioned me! I love the choices! When all the grandkids are baptized, let's get them all together for a slumber party! that'd be dupa fun! Love you!