Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things I love

I hurt my thumb real bad at work. I'm not really supposed to use my right hand.  I also can't work so I just have to sit at home. Helpless. (The sitting at home thing was only until I got my permanent cast; which I now have.)

Just in case you are wondering I was walking through a swinging door at the same time as someone else and my thumb bent the wrong way. I found out that I have sprained a ligament or, possibly, ligaments in my thumb and I have to wear a super cool cast for 3-6 weeks.

I chose purple because orange wasn't an option.


All that said these are the things that I thought about today that I love:

The smell of my dog.
Snuggling with my kitty.
CSI in the middle of the day.
The fact that my husband has to help me put on my clothes. I feel like a little kid.
Looking at a giant pile of laundry knowing I CAN'T put it away.
Having opportunity to prepare my talk when I didn't think I would have much time.
Having time to relax.
Being able to watch whatever I want on TV.
Not cooking because I can't.
Mid-day naps.
Not having to stress about the super stressful things at work.
My super comfy couch.

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