Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Animal Park

A little bit before we left to Hawaii Michael and I went to the Wild Animal Park! It was really fun and I've been dying to post pictures but was a little bit busy getting ready for Hawaii. So here are the pics!

This tiger was sleeping. Watch the video below. It may be a little long but totally worth it! Ok, the video is not working. Our internet is going whacky. So ignore the not working link below. It's another tiger pouncing on this sleeping tiger.


We were getting ready for our Safari. People come visit us so you can experience this awesomeness.

This is a giraffe and her new calf. (is it a calf?) They just moved into the zoo and are waiting to join their friends!

This guy can't be with his family until his little bro grows up a bit so his mom doesn't kill him. Isn't that sweet?

Also, we just got back from Hawaii so here's a sneak peek of our trip. Check out Facebook for the rest of the pics.

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Kelli and Derek Hill said...

jealous that you got to go to hawaii!!! we went for the first time last june and I get so nostalgic for it. I could definitely live the rest of my life there. :)