Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One of those days...

When I left Panera Bread in Concord (where I just was living...sort of) there were people there crying that I was leaving. Everyone knew that I was following my husband but hated it. People tried to convince me to stay, some even begged. It was hard to leave. I was part of a great team who needed me and loved me and I needed and loved them.

I'm now at a new cafe. I work with great, hard working people. They have welcomed me and listened to my problems; one even saw me break down today. I'm still struggling though. I really miss my old cafe, just to start. On top of that I feel like the black sheep. I don't feel like I'm needed and sometimes I feel like I'm not even wanted. I just came from a cafe where I was high on the totem pole and I had worked hard, very hard, to get there and now I'm down at the bottom again. The very bottom. I miss loving my job and having that "can't wait" feeling when thinking about going back to work. I miss being needed, truly needed. Today things fell apart and I was getting "graded" for my performance today. Not a good day to not have it together.

It's just been a bad day.

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Jason + Whitni said...

Keep your head up girl! I bet you are more needed than you realize. Who couldn't, wouldn't need you and your personality? Exactly.