Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love little moments.

Over the past couple of days I have had little moments where I am filled, overwhelmingly, with the spirit and I couldn't help but share.

My most recent one happened about 10 minutes ago:
As all of you faithful bloggers know, I just started working at a new place. With working at a new place (where I work hard and am often exhausted) I have to explain about 1 million times why I can't have coffee; it's a religious thing. A lot of people let it go and don't ask about it again but there is always at least one person who just can't understand why not coffee and tea but my Diet Pepsi is OK. I have to admit that I knew nothing about the subject and have just explained that even though I don't understand I have enough faith to know that the commandment is one to follow. Today, that changed.
Today the woman who asked me told me that she loves to learn about religions. Her goal for learning them is because she likes to find the loophole. If you are a member of the church you probably understand the urge to let her know (in OF COURSE nice and courteous ways) there is no loophole. There is always a reason for everything. She didn't realize but while she was asking me about this and I was telling her I would find information I was praying with all my heart that I would find the information I would need to help her understand the Word of Wisdom better.
I was expecting to find a nice talk given by a General Authority about the blessings of the word of wisdom and the importance of following it. I thought I would have to depend on the spirit to guide her and help her understand while she was reading the article. Even though I knew that the spirit can guide and direct people in ways I will never fully appreciate or understand, I had a feeling that this woman I work with might need a little more. Apparently, Heavenly Father knew that as well. It took me less then 5 minutes to find an article written by a Dr. on LDS.org about coffee and tea and the xanthines that are in it.
What a blessing it is that the Lord always provides a way for us to educate those people who wonder about the commandments we follow and the people we are.
On top of that, what a blessing it is that Joseph Smith knew to give that commandment without knowing anything about xanthines and how harmful they are.

The second thing happened last night:
I've been trying really hard at getting better about prayers. I am not good at praying every morning and night and my night prayers are often the same thing recited over and over again. But I'm working on it. Last night I really concentrated on things in my life that I appreciated, needed to improve on, and needed help or blessings in. It was nice to sit and think about the millions of things I need in my life and know that the Lord will help me in each in every thing. I found myself thanking my Heavenly Father over and over again just for listening to me pray for help in something that seems so small.
After my prayer I was laying in bed thinking about something that I really struggle with. I thought about a way to conquer this and what I needed to do to improve. I imagined myself asking my mother-in-law (best. counselor. ever) of how I can become better and how she got over the same thing. I thought exactly word for word what I would ask her. Within seconds I suddenly felt as if the Lord as if he was right there whispering in my ear the answer to that prayer. There was no having to translate or sit and ponder it was clear and precise on what I needed to do. So clear in fact that I was able to write it word for word in my journal later.
What an amazing blessing it is to have that communication in my life. Without it I can't even, and don't really want to, imagine where I would be. I may of not always followed the teachings of the church but I always had the spirit and I always have used prayer to guide and direct me in times of great need. (as well as not great need) In fact it was through the spirit and prayer that I was able to find my way back to the church. That story later.


Jason + Whitni said...

Wow Lu, those are two really great experiences! Thanks for sharing :) I get asked about the coffee thing ALL the time at work as well. And I live in the state of Utah. A lot of my co workers are not LDS. It gets really old but I've tried my best, just like you, to explain. I found this article too! I love lds.org! I'm with you though, the gospel is amazing! And we are all loved. Just like I love you dude! Word.

Team Jogan said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Christy said...

I agree! Thanks for sharing!!