Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I NEVER take pictures anymore

Just in case you don't stalk me on Facebook or read my blog every single day (rude), I moved to San Diego last Friday! Everyone should be rejoicing right now because it's pretty much the most awesomest thing to ever happen. Ever.

Why you ask?

God loves me.

Also, because Michael got a job at University of San Diego. He was working at UC Berkeley, bleh, making online courses, going no where but now does the same exact thing but gets paid more, has chance for growth, and is at the head of his department.

I'll wait for applause.

So, now we live in Mira Mesa in the most beautiful neighborhood I've ever lived in, in like 70 degree weather.

There is one thing that is the pits about being here right now. Amazing, I know, but not everything can be perfect. We got movers. Sucks, I know. They just HAD to come into our home and pack up all our stuff for us while we watched and told them what to do. Now we don't have any of our stuff (I do miss my bed) and we have to like actually go out and do stuff. You know, with no TV and crappy, stealing from our neighbors, internet we have to spend time in the sunshine.

Dramatic pause...
You can't have everything.

I really wish I would have thought to take pictures from the beginning because we have seen a lot of cool stuff. So for some of this you will just have to imagine.

The first day we were here we had to find Target so we could exchange our air mattress. (This just keeps getting worse; having to go to Target and spend money...Dang.)Since we now have two bathrooms we also had to buy stuff for our second bathroom. Also, we forgot to bring our swimsuits with us and we now have a pool and hot tub so we had to buy that. While we were out looking for Target we found:

Where I'll be working (still at Panera); not that far away.
The movie theater- Right next to my work.
Old Navy
(Marielle, you can now officially visit me. I know where to go.)
3 Grocery stores
Cold Stone
and a million other awesome things

Later that day we went to the dog park and wore out the dog. Then we watched Big and Joe vs. the Volcano and slept.

The second day we got up early to go to the dog beach! This is like the best thing for Roxy. She loves the water and the sand and other dogs and playing fetch. So how can you beat playing fetch at the beach into the water with other dogs? You can't.

After the beach we went to USD so Michael could show me the campus. Oh. My. Gosh. It is beautiful! The architecture is amazing and the landscape is phenomenal. Then, on top of that, the view is breath taking. Michael is so lucky to work at a school like this. You can just feel the better atmosphere.

Yesterday we...oh did kind of normal stuff. I went to Costco and Von's and other grocery places. That kind of sucks because we don't really have anything to eat all of our food with but I needed to go before it was too late in the week. We did go to a different dog park and had a great time. There was this German Shepherd there who was obsessed with Roxy. He was following her around everywhere and wouldn't leave her side. She was covered in his slobber because he hovered so much. It was hilarious. We also were able to find a good dog sitter for Roxy for when we go to Hawaii in February.

Today I actually pulled out the camera. We started out our day by going to a veterans memorial to check out the view because...check out the view...

Just to the right of this bush you can see the San Diego Temple. I will be getting closer pictures of that when we go later this week.

This is Michael and the dog getting a better view of the amazing houses that are right around this area.

It was a little bit foggy but just beyond that fog is Mexico. Crazy huh?

This is the actual memorial. It's really neat that San Diego is willing to honor their Vets this way.
After the memorial we hopped, skipped, and jumped back over to the dog beach and I actually got pictures this time.

I had to make this one big so you could see the joy in her face.

Sometimes the ball would go too far and it would scare the dog so Michael often had to go out there and encourage her to go farther.
Now, Michael is out getting new jeans and the dog is sleeping. She is so exhausted because we have been taking her non stop. The cat is hiding from the dog in empty cupboards. She is going to be really disappointed when those are full again.

Our stuff comes tomorrow but that doesn't mean the fun will stop.

Still to come:

Our trip to the temple
The San Diego Zoo (we are getting season passes)
Sea World (season passes as well)

It's nice; we are kind of on vacation because our jobs don't start 'til Monday. Even though our jobs will slow us down from going out every day I still think we will be doing a lot more than we ever did in the Bay Area! San Diego is our town!


morgan and tina said...

FUN!!! Luanne I'm so glad you're loving it there and 'living the dream'! :] I love San Diego...especially the temple (make sure to go do sealings so you can go upstairs) Congrats to Michael on the new job and I hope everything continues to go so fabulously for you! ;]

tim-berly said...

Turnabout is fair play. My turn to be jealous (in a good way): warm weather, beaches, nice place to live, steady work with future potential. Nice! :) So happy for you guys!