Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas post

Since I have a blog I think that I'm required by law to have a post dedicated to how our Christmas was. I guess that's fair and fairly easy so here it goes.
Michael and I were fortunate enough to have his parent's come down and visit us. They arrived on Christmas Eve at around 6:00Pm. Mom and I hurried our butts into the kitchen and started making a very traditional Christmas Eve dinner (malibu chicken, for those that don't know). After eating a very scrumptous dinner we started into some Luanne and Michael new Christmas traditions. It started out with all of us acting out the nativity. Luckily, the primary had just done the same thing and so we used their script. It was fun because it was a little different because there were only four of us. But it included some Christmas hymns and was very enjoyable. We then got to each open 1 present. Since Mom and Dad had very few presents they didn't want to open one of their gifts so Michael and I got to open two presents! Mom and Dad had gotten us a game, The Game of Things to be exact, and we played that until I was so tired I couldn't even keep my eyes open. I should also mention that Mom and Dad let us "open" another present because it wasn't wrapped. We got their old TV! They had, now we have, a very nice HD TV. It was nice and new but apparently not big enough for them. So they upgraded and we ended up with a nice new TV.
Christmas morning started about 8:00 AM. I am starting another tradition where we have soup on Christmas morning. So I went and turned on the soup so it would be nice and warm for us while everyone else went potty and brushed their teeth. We were excited to find out that Santa had come to visit us the night before! *We each stuffed our very own stockings the night before. I do have to say, though, there were two presents there that Michael and I had not yet seen and we were super surprised to find out that they were ours. As tradition goes in Michael's family (I'm still getting used to this one) we opened our presents one at a time and Michael started. He decided to open mysterious present #1...a WII!!!! As soon as I saw that I ripped into my package to find a WII FIT BALANCE BOARD!!! The rest of our presents from Mom and Dad consisted of Wii things and boxes of popcorn. I was excited about the popcorn. They bought me some of that pour over cheddar and you can't find that here. :) Our other presents were from my grandma and they were quite nice as well. We got some comfy jamas, socks, I got a nice watch, and some more Christmas decorations that Grandma is passing along.
After a fun filled morning of opening presents we dug into some soup and started to hook up our Wii. We played the Wii for a long time but than a very important basketball game came on and we couldn't miss it. While it was on Mom and I started Christmas dinner. We had ham, potatoes, and carrots...YUM. After dinner we went up to the temple to look at the lights and go up to the lookout point on the temple to lookout at all three cities; Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.
Mom and Dad stayed until Tuesday. I won't go into all the nitty gritty details but the rest of our trip consisted of eating, shopping, going into the City (San Francisco), going to Piedmont Cemetery so Mom could get pics, and a lot of movie watching. We are so glad they could come down and spend some time with us. It's hard, sometimes, being this far away from everyone so a weekend visit is perfect to fill up our hearts for a few months.


ErinG said...

Hey Luanne! I'm jealous that you got to see mom and dad for Christmas...and even more jealous that you are there in your apartment eating all that cheddar popcorn without me! who's going to eat the rest for you while I'm not there? Surely Michael is not experienced enough to take my place.
I"m so glad you had such a good Christmas. Think of me while you're playing your wii!

Jeigh said...

I like the idea of soup on Christmas morning! I may have to steal that one. We lived on M&Ms and candycanes Christmas morning. I wish I could have come to visit, too! Then I could kick your bums on Hulahoop!