Sunday, August 30, 2009

I think it's worth a try

Every 5th Sunday of the month our ward has a linger longer. We eat Costco pizzas with home made dessert and enjoy lingering longer with our ward family. Today at our linger longer a person in our ward was giving out not quite bloomed orchids. I know this sounds random so let me explain further.
Has anyone heard of staging a home? Don't feel bad if you haven't; I didn't know about it until I moved out here. When people put their homes up for sale they like to make it look nice so that it will sell faster. So, some home owners higher a "stager" to stage their home. These staging businesses have a lot of furniture, curtains, pots, pans, towels, etc. The businesses stage the homes for sale with the nice furniture, curtains, pots, pans, towels, etc. so the homes look more "homey." So, a lady that used to live in our ward owns one of these staging businesses and has a humongous warehouse full of stuff. Even though the lady no longer livess in our ward there are still people in our ward who work there. So, this lady had all these flowerless orchids and needed to get rid of this coming together for you?
Anyway, so I usually kill every plant I see. I even remember that one year I tried to help my mom (in-law) plant some corn and it was a bad year of corn. But, these orchids are pretty low maitence and I think I can do it. So, here is my plant (still unnamed) in her beginning stages. Stay posted so you can see what becomes of her.


Cardell Family said...

ooooo, exciting! Mike's family gave me an orchid when we got married and I promptly killed it, but I really want to try again. They are such pretty flowers! So good luck.

P.S. I know what staging is. It's one of those careers that I think I would enjoy if I had any sense of design and style at all! Love ya!

ErinG said...

Hello Luann E Hardy...(that's what your profile says) I think it's amazing what a little green will do for the looks of your home. I usually kill all my plants too (I killed a cactus that Jeigh gave me once because I didn't water it enough), but lately I am doing pretty well with our plants and letting Kerry take care of all the watering. good luck with your plant. I"ve heard talking to them helps.
p.s. seriously love your new blog look. It didn't load completely the last time I was here so I didn't see if for all it was. Did you get the Armies of Helaman song from my blog? cause I have that exact same song! we are cool together! Love you!

Sarah Smith, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant said...

Get some miracle grow orchid fertilizer...Clint bought me a beautiful orchid a while ago and it died because of too much sun and no fertilizer :(
So talk to your plant, don't put her directly in sun, and water her exactly as the directions say with a fertilizer treat! You can do it Lulu!

Jeigh said...

I love orchids. Did you get me one? I have a really hard time keeping plants alive, too, but that Miracle-Gro stuff sounds like a good idea. I would do that. And they do like to be talked to.
And I love you, too!

Derek and Kelli Hill said...

luanne luanne! i found your blog!!!! i need to invite you to mine but i need your email address. remember when we used to walk down to the canal and be explorers and pretend like we got transported to different worlds? maybe you don't remember... haha.

Suzi Hardy said...

I love plants! I am sure that I didn't have a bad corn year because you helped me plant it, but just in case, I don't hold you responsible. I use to have a ton of plants when I was a younger person (pre-marriage stage) I loved them all equally and spent many hours (well not hours) talking to them and petting them. I think they really like the co2 that comes out of mouth when you talk.
Also, I love the new face of your blog, it is bright and cheery like you.