Thursday, January 27, 2011

My happy place

Everything on my mind today:

I need to pack.
How am I going to get all of that donate pile out of my house?
How am I going to make dinner tonight: at this point the tears start. THANKS BRITTA!!
My poor kitty is going to have a rough weekend.
I really don't want to work today.
I need to work today so I can get my mind off of things.
When am I going to sign my lease and get my keys?
What am I going to make my boss for dinner tonight?
I don't have much to do at work today..
I need to call Sarah-I'm glad I did.
My boss repeats himself a lot.
I don't like my boss's dryer.
I shouldn't have to make the nanny's bed.
I'm not going to remember to buy 100% carrot juice.
I hate going to the post office; I'm glad I don't have to go today.
I hate my work car.
What else would be good in my cold sablefish salad?
Is sablefish and Black Cod the same thing? is
Can I bake sablefish?
I forgot the carrot juice.
This is an awesome dinner.
Wow, I did such a good job tonight.
I love plating food.
I'm so glad I don't have to make dinner for my family tonight.
I'm sorry you think the salad is only ok, I think it's amazing.
I have no idea how to make tea.
I know I should be packing and not blogging.
I need to start packing.
I will soon be needing to go to my happy place.


Sarahie said...

I'm glad you called me today too. It was definitely a highlight in my day! Hang in there! It will be over soon.

Jeigh said...

Making the nanny's bed? So wrong. Good luck with everything! It will calm down soon! Love you!