Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giving in

Well fellow bloggers through the pressuring of Marielle Hayes I have decided to start a blog for Michael and I. I'm really excited to learn how to become a "blog stocker" and find out what people do with their lives. As for Michael and I...
Nothing really exciting in our lives is going on. We are trying to get ready for my mom and two sisters that are coming on Tuesday. It's exciting because I haven't seen my family for about a year and miss them very much. That's the hardest thing about living out here; family is far away. At the same time I really enjoy it just being Michael and me.
Michael and I live pretty boring lives. Michael attends school and I always find him deep into his computer doing homework with a smile on his face. I work graveyard shifts and somehow make enough money for the both of us. We don't really go out much because we are lazy and get stressed out when we can't find parking. So, really, what I am trying to say is that I don't know how interesting my blog can really get.
As of right now my creative juices are not flowing....dang. So, keep posted!

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