Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip and Graduation

As you all know Michael and I have been very busy with the Pioneer trek, visiting his mission, and graduation. I just thought you would like to see some pictures.

Pioneer Trek:

All those kids that you see were are daughters and sons. Ok, not every single kid you see but all the ones you see carrying a handcart with a sand color flag.

Graduation (pictures in reverse):

After graduation...sorry I look like a stoner.

This was right after they were official graduates.

These are all of Michael receiving his certificate and giving his speech as a salutatorian.

This is in Michael's mission. He has a picture of him at this sign with his companion and a ward mission leader. The sign has changed but it still was in the middle of no where.

This is at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. We stayed at my childhood best friend's place. It was so great to get to know her fiance and I'm so glad Michael got to finally meet her. Anyway, so this picture is right outside the bathrooms.

There's Brittani. I'm sorry the picture isn't better.

This is the woman's restroom. In the men's they pee into a waterfall. I have a picture but it just looks like rocks.

In Oxnard. This was a part of Michael's mission he wasn't allowed to step foot on.

We had a lot of fun and we lost a lot of sleep. Now he is gone living with his parents for about a month. I'm excited to have the time away but I miss him already.
I'm exhausted right now from vacation and working hard. So I really need to get off the computer now.


Jamie said...

Your talk yesterday was soooo very good!! I saw Masha yesterday and some of your "kids" are in her ward, she said they were talking about how amazing you and Michael were as "parents".
Congrats to Michael on graduating!!!
If you want to hang out (if you have any down time) give me a call.

kc petersen said...

How fun! Enjoyed this and the photos, too!

Jeigh said...

You guys look like you had some fun! I wish I could have been there for Fatty's graduation. Hey! You guys should plan to come for Rex's! Okay? Yeah? Woo!! I love you!