Thursday, August 5, 2010

High School

I was talking about high school today at work. I have mixed emotions about high school. I don't really know if I liked high school or not. I had some fun times, ok I had a lot...A LOT A LOT of fun times but there were some crappy times in there. Anyway, it's funny that I was talking about it because I then came home to find my friend's blog all about her high school boyfriends and I was mentioned because we were BEST FRIENDS in high school so I was involved in some of her stories. These stories made me smile and helped me remember some good times. Also, through her blog I felt inspired to write about some good times from high school.

For starters I hung out with quite a few of different groups in high school. My freshman year I hung out with a whole bunch of punkers. My two best friends were Kayla and Kristie. We spent the majority of our time listening to Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, Weezer, and others like that. We got really good at sluffing school, getting in snow ball fights, jumping puddles, eating fries and shakes at McDonalds, sneaking out, liking boys, and a million other things that I can't list because it would take all day and you would get bored. They can always Lean on Me.

My Sophomore year was the year I really got into band. I spent most of my time with Rosie and Rachel. We would sit and play our instruments. We would try to find ways to amuse ourselves with the no money we had. We hung out with boys with cars and money. I listened to Simple Plan, Blink 182, a lot of jazz, and whatever was popular on the radio. *Stacy's Mom has got it going on!* We went to Pasadena and marched in the Rose Bowl Parade AND the Christmas Parade at Disneyland. "You bet your bippy" we had a good time.

My junior year was the year that I would go back to over all others. That is if it was either going back to high school or something crappy because I don't really want to ever go back even if it was good times. *Please don't be offended if you are not mentioned.* My junior year I was friends with Toni and Chelsey. I was working at Dairy Queen and attempting to graduate early. I hung out with a lot of red necks with big trucks, sexy trucks, and listened to a lot of country music and for a short amount of time we got into Gloria Gaynor. Let's just say I will survive. I could write about a million sentences and I'm pretty sure I would make Chelsey and Toni laugh so hard that they would pee their pants. "Be a tree. There are no trees in Wendy's." "Find Toni, I need Toni. She is wear green pants and a red shirt." Possibly the other way around. We did a lot of extremely crazy things. Most of which I choose not to talk about. I want to make it clear that it's not because I am ashamed of my past or that I don't want to remember it. It's not because I don't want to "blow a cover" or act like I'm something I'm not. It's because I have simply moved on. Most of my good memories come from my junior year. I still smile when I hear most country songs and I'm taken back to some really good times.

My senior year was a blur. I lost myself in a whirlwind of awfulness. I don't really feel like publicly posting all the things that were drama in my life so let's just say I was going through some hard times. I hung out with Emily, Kristen, Ashley, and Kristie. (a different one from my freshman year) We were absolutely nuts. I really think that we actually thought we were invincible. But through my senior year I learned more about myself than I ever will.

Even though I would never go back to high school I'm glad I went through it. I'm glad I learned what I did and I'm glad it has made me me. I'm a pretty cool person.


Sarah*MK said...

I didn't know you in high school but I agree--you are a very cool person!

Toni said...

Your blog made me cry. Well, I teared up at least. I'm at work so I managed to not cry. There really was a tree in Wendy's! I just had a flashback of my crawling down the hallway at my parents' house (right after the "be a tree" thing) because I was laughing too hard to walk. I love you so much! Junior year (and the summer before it) was one of the best times in my whole life. Because of you and Chelsey.

Rosie and Daphne said...

Ah interesting times in band. I sometimes miss those times and others I am so glad I'm not there anymore. Things got better (and a little more complicated) after. I'm glad we're still friends, even though we're thousands of miles apart and that by reading your blog (and stalking your facebook) I can get a glimpse into your life now.