Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm so close

Most know that I'm leaving to West Virginia on the 23rd so that I can spend Christmas with two of my sisters. Ok..Ok..they are "really" Michael's sisters but whatever. I'm so excited to go and my next few days are so busy that it makes it seem to come even faster.

To show:


17th: Half day at work, Go to grocery store to get ham for a family in need, go to the Nutcracker with friend, Robert.

18th: Open Christmas presents, play with my cool new stuff, Ward Christmas party

19th: Ward Christmas program, tithing settlement, drop off ham with other presents to family in need, Survivor Finale (GO FABIO)

20th: Half day at work because Michael has doctor's appt (unless his bike is ready by then), dinner at Haye's home with missionaries

21st: Busy work day, starting packing list, workout

22nd: Busy work day, double check packing list, start some cleaning, Wondering what I'm going to do without Survivor, workout

23rd: Pack, deep clean the whole house, show friend how to feed my cat, GO TO AIRPORT!!!

See, Jeigh and Sarah, I'm only a few days away from hugging you and holding your babies. I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait.


Erin said...

what?! Fabio? really? He seems sooo...I don't know...airheaded.
I wish I could go with you! Hug those girls and babies for me! Have fun!

Jeigh said...

I'm totally going for Fabio, too! He's not as dumb as he's letting on, I'm sure of it. I can't wait, me too, me too, me too!!!