Thursday, March 24, 2011

So I was thinking

If I miss strawberry cupcakes then why not bring them back into my life? So, today I made strawberry cupcakes. This wasn't easy.

I had to...

1-Drive through the pouring rain to get to Target.

2-Run through the pouring rain to get inside.

*At this time I would like to tell you that there is no possible way for me to exaggerate how hard the rain was coming down.

3-Walk through Target with blinders on so I didn't buy everything in the whole store. What is it about Target that makes you want to do that?

4-Forgive myself when I bought something I really didn't need.

5-Take a nap because the dog was sleeping. You know what they say, if they are sleeping then you should be too.

6-Attempt to make the batter in between the dog ringing her boom boom bell. She was really afraid to go out in the rain but really had to go. So what she would do is ring the bell then sit and stair at the rain after I opened the door, just to decide it wasn't worth it. After closing the door she would realize just how bad she needed to go and we would start all over again.

7-Go online to look at oven knobs. My oven knob had all the numbers worn off so it's just black. I had to look and see, on average, where 350 was.

8-I then had to put them in and hold my breath. They came out perfect.

9-I then had to frost them. I chose to go with buttercream over strawberry frosting.

10-I then had to refrain from eating all 16 cupcakes (17 if you count the batter that I licked out of the bowl.)

They were delicious.


Toni said...

Sounds delicious! And I feel the same way about Target. : )

Jeigh said...

I've never heard of a boom-boom bell!

also, when you bought the thing you didn't need in Target, did you say, "It's happening?" Because I thought it when I read that :)

Rosie and Daphne said...

I also feel that way at Target and always ALWAYS buy more than I budgeted for. Your cupcakes sound awesome. Daphne and I made banana chocolate chip cookies the other day which turned out way better than I was expecting. For fun new ideas try (if you haven't already). Hope all is well! : )