Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A HUGE update

It's been a while since I've blogged because so much has been going on. Today I have a few minutes and thought I would take the opportunity to give everyone an update.

I don't want to get into any nitty gritty details, frankly it's a long story, but I was finally just laid off from my job with Jason. It was a miscommunication mixed with who knows what. Pretty much it just wasn't meant to be. Luckily, he's paying me 3 months severance pay.

I don't know how much I told earlier but just before all the drama started with Jason my old boss from Panera had contacted me offering me my job back. Well, not the job I left with but a higher position and more pay then I was getting at Jason's. It was perfect timing. So, I start that on August 3rd. I will be working at the store in Concord which is new for me. But I'm really excited to get started again and get my career going again.

Soon after I was let go I made a quick trip to Southern California to go to my best friend's wedding reception. It was so great to get that south and be in the part of California I can't seem to get enough of. It was also nice to spend time with people who are like family. They give some of the best hugs and keep some of the best company. Also, it was a beautiful reception with delicious food so how could you go wrong?

I came back on a Sunday from So. Cal and the following Tuesday Michael and I left in a hurry for an emergency trip to Idaho. There was a funeral we needed to attend and so we went. It was a great trip. I got to meet some family of Michael's that I wouldn't of otherwise met and that's pretty awesome. Also, I got to see his sister's, Erin, family and I was not expecting that. Also, since the family was together and Harry Potter 7 Part 2 was coming out we took the opportunity and went and saw it. It was fun. Pretty much it was a time of laughs, tears, and good family fun.

Since returning I've been enjoying life as a stay at home wife. I started a new book series called Chaos Walking. I highly recommend them. I finished the first book, "The Knife of Never Letting Go." I was glad that I already had book two, "The Ask and the Answer," because book one ended on a cliff hanger. So, go check it out.

We have bought a new car, 2008 Chevy Equinox. We were in need of a bigger car and didn't really think much of our Corolla. Our first car we owned together was an Equinox and we missed it so we are glad to have one back.

I guess that's it for now. Michael is just getting ready for his 2 week vacation to Idaho coming up here soon. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to be able to go at all. I'm thinking I'll be able to take a week vacation...maybe. But I'm busy trying to get our February trip to Hawaii under wraps. It's 'spensive to go there and I'm trying to find us the best deal. It'll be worth it once I'm there.

I'll try to keep you updated a little better now that things are back on track!


Toni said...

Severance pay? That's a real thing? I thought maybe it was just something they talk about in books and TV shows... Lol. Congrats on the new job!

Erin said...

yeah! I got a shout out! I was thrilled to see you! and I'm glad we got some little moments in to talk. I've been thinking about you though, and think we'll have to talk again soon! Love you!

Jeigh said...

WHAT?!? You might not be coming? I would cry quarts if you didn't. QUARTS.

P.S. Who is the genius who gives you such great book recommendations? She must be awesome :)

Sarah*MK said...

That's awesome that you got severance pay!