Sunday, June 28, 2009

My bump named Rump

Just to clarify; I am not a crazy cat owner. But, I couldn't stand to pass this up. :)

So, it's Sunday. Michael is taking his traditional Sunday nap and I decided it would be a good time for me to check my email and waste my life on the computer. As I was waiting for the computer to start up I noticed it was really quiet in the house and I was wondering where my cat was. This is how I found her....
The sound of the camera must have woken her for the picture but it did not take her long to fall back asleep in the same position. Notice the red material? That's her kitty crack (better known as cat nip). Ever since I made her that bag she has made sure not to stray to far from it. Well, unless she is watching the iguana move; for some reason that is much more interesting to her.
I know I'm risking sounding crazy by posting this picture but like I said I could not pass it up.
Oh, by the way, a shout out to Chris Ellsworth for making me and giving me that awesome cat tree you see in the picture.


Justin and Christy Congdon said...

I have two kittens and we aren't "crazy" cat owners either.......but sometimes you just can't resist when they are in the oddest positions....ours do it too on occasion! :)

Suzi Hardy said...

Well, you are crazy and you are a cat owner, put the two together and what do you get? A crazy cat owner...whom I love very much! Cute picture. You should have taken one of Michael, I suspect he might have been sleeping in a similar position, minus the catnip.