Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friends with STUFF!!!

The guy that I work with most, Neil, has become a really good friend of mine. We work together 24 hours a week...that gives a lot of time for chit chat. Just a little bit about Neil:
He's about 10 years from retiring. He has been a baker ever since the age of 15 and is an amazing one. He sincerely cares about people and is constantly looking out for those he loves. Another great part about him is that he has finally met his PERFECT match and is getting married in October. Since Neil and his fiance are not moving from their parents house to their own, they have two sets of furniture for each room. So, the set of furniture that they do not love the most is getting booted and Luanne and Michael get to reap the benefits.
When Michael and I moved to Cali we had to give up our entertainment center. I loved the piece because it was really big and had a lot of space for all of our crap. But, we were moving on a budget and some things were left behind. So, we were dealing with....(look to the left side of the picture)This is when we first moved in so it was nice and organized but still looked messy. Now imagine more DVDs, another game system, and a year of ware and tare. Basically, it looked like crap. But, Neil had an entertainment center to give us and it made quite a difference.
So as you can see it is a much better set up and there is room to grow!


Sarah <3 said...

Now I understand why you were jealous of our tv thingy for a bit. Congratulations on your good fortune!
God bless!

Tyler and ShaeLee May said...

Sweet! Free stuff rocks....or at least super cheap. That's what I call friends with benefits!

Chris said...

I am going to be offended for not getting a shout out on the Entertainment Center! It does look nice though!