Sunday, May 31, 2009

We know how to party

All I wanted for my birthday, May 27th, this year was a fun day with Michael. We really haven't had much of a chance lately to just spend some time with each other. I didn't want to have to worry about money, work, school, well anything. So, I gave Michael a couple of options and made him surprise me. So, this morning, he put directions in front of me and we started to drive. I honestly had no idea where we were going. All the cities that were coming had no connection, so I thought, of things I wanted to do. But, then we took our exit, turned left, and went under an underpass and I saw it. There, on my left was GOLFLAND!!! Michael and I have wanted to go and play mini golf for a long time. We had so much fun. We ended up spending five hours playing two rounds of golf and using 110 tokens to get 310 tickets. We got some rad prizes and even had enough to give some tickets to a little girl. I encourage all to enjoy mini golf with those you love.
This is my only hole in one. I was pretty pumped.
Michael's hole in one. He made two total.
This was the windmill of doom.
Surprisingly we both did pretty good. By good I mean, we made it in all the holes; most with out cheating.


Jeigh said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a good birthday. I love your tiara, too.

Britta Jo said...

What a fun way to celebrate! You need to put up some pictures of the bling you won though! :) P.S. It was fun seeing you at the game night thing, We really need to go do something together, so when I get back from NM I'm setting something up and you and Mike are invited. Hmm, maybe I'll do some big get together with some of the new couples... any ideas?