Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michael speaks to me with his language

Some background info:
1)Michael and I are currently taking a marriage skills class in church. One thing that we learned was our languages of love. There are five different types of languages that people use to express their love to others; words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. I express my love and feel love most from others through words of affirmation. Michael, on the other hand, expresses his love and feels love most through acts of service.
2)I have a cat that is OCD. Whenever she uses her litter box she spends about 5 minutes moving the litter around to make sure that everything is really covered. In the process she gets litter everywhere!!!

The real story:
I try to clean the litter box every other day. Whenever I clean the litter box I have to sweep the bathroom because of my stupid OCD cat. So, when I left to work the other night this is what the bathroom looked like:
As you can see there is litter EVERYWHERE!!! I had a very busy and very crazy night at work but I knew I wanted to clean the cat box before I went to sleep.
But when I came home this is what I saw:
Because I know Michael's language I knew that this was his way of saying, "I love you and I wanted you to know it!" I really wanted to cry because it meant so much to me. It made a perfect end to one really hard day!


Justin and Christy Congdon said...

Did you read that book? I have and I am going to have my hubby read it too! What it says really makes a lot of sense.

Jeigh said...

That's so nice! Good job, Fatty. I have to meet this cat of yours...she sounds so very entertaining.

Cardell Family said...

That is so cool to be able to understand that and see love in a cleaned up litter box! You make me want to work more on seeing Mike's little love "notes."

And, I agree your cat sounds entertaining, but I don't know if I want to meet her because I'm pretty allergic. No offense. =)

Sarah <3 said...

Precious! Michael, kudos dude!

Chris said...

Touching story and all, but have you considered getting a covered litter box? They do wonders. My cat kicks it everywhere!

Suzi Hardy said...

I KNEW he had it in him! I wish I could take your marriage skills class. I think it should be required for anyone who is getting married.
I love this example of how you have to learn to see the ways you are being shown love.
Yeah for Luanne and Michael! You're so smart.