Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every FIVE weeks

Michael and I are really blessed. Michael is able to go to an accelerated school so he/we can move on with our lives quickly. But sometimes you have to really focus on the good part of the blessings to ignore the bad. I explain...
The bad part:
Michael takes one...sometimes two...classes at a time. These classes last eight hours a day for five weeks. Because the classes are so short once he reaches week two he starts crunch time. This means that he is up late hours, has little sleep, and is super stressed trying to get the project done. During this time our time "spent together" is him on the computer and me doing whatever around the house. On the day/night before the project is due he is so tired that he falls into bed and instantly falls asleep. He then spends the next few days just sleeping..we normally don't really talk at this time.
Going to school is hard. Even though we see each other more now that I'm no longer in school I am still really starting to miss my husband. I know that once he starts working...especially with his career choice...he will still have late hours and stressful times. But, at least when he is at home there will be no homework. It will be just me and him doing...whatever!!
Counting my blessings:
There is only a little less then a year left.
Michael obviously cares about me and our future family because he works this hard so he can one day provide for us.
Michael is going into something that he LOVES!! That almost tops it all.
Finally, even though he works hard and is stressed...he still takes time to tell me he loves me.

I'm almost there....I almost have my husband back.


Mama J said...

I can completely sympathize with you. I look forward to the "one day" all. the. time.

Suzi Hardy said...

The hard work will pay off! I like how counting your blessing helps to make the hard times more bearable. One more year, and you know how fast time goes!