Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be jealous of my super awesome life!

So, Michael and I have tried really hard to be more active. We've been going to our swimming pool almost everyday. We went window shopping a couple of times and really just try to do whatever we can to get out of the house. The other day we were going back and forth of what we were going to do and nothing really sounded good...but we got such a great idea. CHECK IT OUT!! I don't know why everything above is blue and underlined but I can't change it back; so sorry.

The best part was the beach was only 30 minutes away. We weren't able to stay for long but the time we were there was a blast.


Jeigh said...

I am jealous! My kids keep asking if we can go to the beach this summer. And, I have to say this..."Ow, my eyes! Get a tan, Fatty!"

Suzi Hardy said...

Holy cow! what a great time! Next time we come to CA you have to take us to the beach. That looks great.
At first I didn't recognize Michael...apparently he also inherited our families pasty white skin!

Cardell Family said...

I'm jealous. That's all I can think to say. =)