Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our super exciting life

So this blog is really supposed to be about Michael and I. Little might you all know every entry really does kind of have to do with us but that's all unnecessary. So, I thought I would give an entry that is a little update on our life here in Emeryville.
Michael JUST started a new class today. He had a two week Spring Break and had a really hard time going back; I think it's the schedule. He goes to school from 5pm-1am Tues, Thurs, Sat. As you can imagine that's a terrible schedule and it really affects him. This new class should be exciting, though. He is taking a web design class. Now that Mike is back from his mission Michael can get the password...or whatever...for their URL for Haydy Productions and can design that website. So that's really exciting.
Right now, with Michael at school, I just got done baking a cake. I'm practicing for Trevor and Heidi's cake. I'm not really worried about the top and middle layer, it's the bottom layer that needs some practicing. I'm really excited to share my skills with them to help them save some money. I'm using my skills some other ways too. I am starting my business!! (Dinner for Two) This is where I teach people how to make a small three course meal...oh so fun. I'm supposed to start on the 25th but it's kind of falling through. But, I have a lot of friends that want to be included so at least I have a following.
As most know, I just graduated from the CCA and I'm very excited about that. It was so great to have family here to support me. It was so nice to see their smiles and know they are proud. Michael was especially proud. I thought about my year while I was at the ceremony and realized how much Michael played a role in my time there. I really wish there was a way for me to express into words the love and appreciation I have for him...I also wish I would have told him thank you more through out the year. It's amazing how much your spouse supports you with out you even realizing it. :) Anyway, I was really proud of myself. I didn't really realize my accomplishment until I went to that ceremony.
California is treating us pretty well. The weather has been great...summer is on it's way. Right now there is some serious wind going on...they are closing a bridge as we speak...but it's pretty warm. We really enjoy where we live but we are pretty ready to get to the next step in our life. We have a year..ish left and we can't wait.

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Suzi Hardy said...

Oh, I am so excited that I got to be a small part of your great weekend. What a great update on what you have been doing. I KNOW you have been working hard. Isn't it great to get a stand out reward sometimes? A year-ish left to go...I am so jealous.
And thanks for the reminder to show gratitude for those who are around us every day supporting us. I love you!