Thursday, March 26, 2009

FedEx...oh how I hate them

I just want to say that if I could I would pooh on FedEx. When Michael worked there it was the worst. To start off he would barely have time to come home right after leaving school and driving through traffic, to stop by home to have me drive him to work so that I could go to my crappy job and pick Michael up after he was done. He was scheduled to be done at 10:00 (I think) but I would fall asleep in the parking lot and he would usually get in the car by midnight. The poor boy was under worked and under paid. He was told he would be getting paid more than he actually was. He was so worn out and I was working two jobs so that we could get in a place where he could actually quit. He worked there for about two or three months and it was the worst. I had never seen someone so worn out and so tired....ever.
Well, Michael got the sweet relief when we moved to Emeryville. After a couple of weeks of waiting we traveled all the way to Benicia to get his paycheck. "Oh we are sorry we just put your paycheck in the mail. Even though today is pay day we didn't know if you were coming." Ok, so that is kind of valid but because of the stupid post office we didn't actually receive this MUCH needed check until about a month later.
Now, it's almost the end of March and guess what...we still have yet to receive his W-2. They sent us some lame thing about a small settlement to our right address but can't seem to send our W-2 to the right address. We have tried calling number after number. It took a long time, but we finally reached the right person. We called her several times and left messages. When Michael finally, actually, talked to her all she could say was, "oh I was planning on calling you back. Your W-2 should be to you in 7-10 business days."
GRRRR.....Michael is supposed to have his FAFSA done by April 3rd but it's hard to do it without taxes finished. a;sdfkha;sdkfjadsi;ohga;woeighaw;eiogh is the only way I can describe my frustration with FedEx.
Oh, and next time you think about sending a package with them let me tell you this...Michael said that pretty much everyone he worked with enjoyed throwing and stacking the packages extra hard that said fragile.


Suzi Hardy said...

I always suspected as much! There is no excuse for unprofessionalism like that in a company like FedEx. Yet, there it is, staring you in the face like a clueless bumpkin....glad you got your paycheck though, and hopefully you will get the w-2 before the 7-10 business days is up. If it makes you feel any better we are having difficulty with our taxes too, so I haven't been able to get my Fafsa filled out completely yet either! *sigh*

Cardell Family said...

We had to wait for one of my W-2's also and our Fafsa deadline was 3/1. Luckily we got it the day before. Grrrrr. I'm sorry for your frustrations. I hope it all works out well. and, um...I really like the punching penguin. He looks tough.

Sarah <3 said...

My husby works at FedEx in the morning as a package handler. Unfortunately he can't quit anytime soon. We were hoping to get tuition reimbursement for him but because he got a sizable pell grant and we didn't pay anything out of pocket, we can't get anything. We get 20% of our cell phone bill every month but other than that, it sucks. He's tired all the time and he too is also overworked like Michael was. It's so irritating because we have to go to bed at like 8 or 9 o'clock for him to get enough sleep and then he doesn't always get to take a nap when he comes home because of classes and homework...which means we can't stay up to play monopoly or watch movies or go on walks :(
I guess another upside besides the phone discount though is that when we get packages through FedEx he can bring them home instead of waiting for them to be delivered.
I will be ecstatic when he gets a different job that doesn't require him to get up at 4:30 every morning!