Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick of the Student Life

If any of you read Michael's HILARIOUS blog you would have read that we never eat out. The thing is we never eat out, never go out, never buy new stuff, buy crappy food (chicken and rice only) at the grocery store, and never rent movies (unless they are free On Demand). The thing that sucks most about all of this is it's all stuff I LOVE to do. Eating out is just about my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I would seriously eat out every single day for every single meal if I could. I just love the idea of picking an item off a menu and having it served to you while you enjoy your time with who ever you are with. I wouldn't even mind sitting by myself and reading a book or pondering my own thoughts while I was out.
As for the grocery store, I try to buy stuff that is cheap but it really always is chicken and rice. Poor Michael is forced to force feed himself chicken made 100 different ways. I try to throw in some pork chops every once in a while but I try to make them few and far between so that we can enjoy them for a longer amount of time. I also try to make them on days when I feel really culinaryific (it's a word) so that they come out really good. But as for inbetween dinner...and next day's dinner there is never anything to eat. We have managed to buy a butt load (sorry about the swear ;)) of ramen noodles and tuna fish but as you can imagine this gets old. I also bought one of those big boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios from Costco but Michael doesn't really like them and we ran out of milk. Every once in a while I buy Hot Pockets from Costco. They are only $10 for like 20 but as you can imagine we go through them quite quickly. I do have lunch meat and PB and even J but it's getting hard to eat this things for about 3 meals a day. Michael is lucky, as am I, I guess, to receive a sandwhich or soup from Panera Tues-Sat. I do get a free meal from work and split it in two so that Michael can enjoy it, not just me.
As for buying new stuff. I have one pair of jeans that fits, another pair that are kind of tight, and a couple of pairs of pants that are odd colors and don't go with anything else I own. Most of my stuff was bought from a thrift store...which I'm not complaining about, I love thrift store clothes....but they wear out faster than I would like. Poor Michael has one good pair of jeans that he wears until they can stand up on their own. He then has one day to do laundry and has to either sit in his G's while he waits or wear his shorts...which are also normally dirty. All of his clothes, except for this pair of jeans, he has had since high school. They are luckily holding up and he does like them but I can't even remember the last time he got a new shirt. Ok, scratch that...he bought one when he saved up his pennies and often gets some from school. As for shoes; my one "nice" black pair has a hole in the bottom of them and it makes things interesting for when I have to walk in the rain. My tennis shoes I've had for 6 years now. They hurt to run or walk long distances in (which is what I use them for) and are slowly falling apart. I have one pair of church shoes, which is I guess all you really need, but they don't match some of my dresses. I pretty much go through three outfits at church. Luckily, no one notices but me. There is only one piece of furniture in our place that wasn't put in our hands used. Our bed has a dip in the middle, considering it belonged to someone who was single, and the "bed frame" that it sits upon is broken.
We turned on our heat for about 1 1/2 months since we moved in here (almost 1 year). The only reason we even did it at this time was because our poor iguana was freezing his tail off. Our TV is becoming so bad that we can't see a lot of writing that is on the screen. This may be pish posh to some but we LOVE sports and like to see the score of the game we are watching. The stand that it sits upon is so lame and I swear it makes our dvds look messier.
To top it all off houses are at an ALL TIME LOW. You can buy a house here for only $200,000 (sometimes even less) more than what it is in Idaho. For those of you who don't understand that, it is totally amazing. But since we are living the lovely student life we don't know where we are going to end up. Michael has no idea where he is going to get a job. So, we can't buy a house because that would be stupid.
Now that I've complained to all end I do want to say that I'm greatful for the opportunity Michael and I have and have had to go to school. We have been very blessed to go to school exactly where we want to go and have the student loans to get there. I'm glad that we are knocking it all out now so that it's not drug out even longer or when we have little chicklets making it a little bit tougher to live on such a low income. To those of you who are living the student life and have kids...bravo....I have no idea how you do it. Also, there is only a little teeny tiny bit over a year left. Then Michael and I will both have degrees and career to do. I will finally be able to be the thing I want to be more than even a cake decorator; a mom. Michael will be able to consume himself into something that he loves and feel good about the fact that he is supporting the most beautiful family in the world. I know we don't have kids yet but I already know they are going to be the cutest/ most beautiful. Sorry to those that are disappointed. Finally, just because we don't have the money we want right now we still manage to have a good time. We do go to Taco Bell to eat out and I'm a chef so can make pretty rockin restaurant quality food. Sometimes even better. I'm lucky enough to have a husband that doesn't ever complain about anything I make. He graciously eats it even if it's not his favorite. He is also really good about making poor people food. He will mix whatever there is in the fridge, throw some Taco Bell hot sauce (which is what we use to save money on salsa) on top, and call it a meal. I also realize that no matter how much money we make I will always want more to buy more crap that I don't need. But still the day that Michael is hired on for is first REAL job I will be smiling from ear to ear from excitement. And, to celebrate, we are going out to eat.


Jeigh said...

Oh, you're right, the student life is sooo fun! But, just like you said, it makes the life after all the more sweeter. That's what is getting me through these last two years! I have an awesome chicken recipe I'll have to give to tastes like Applebee's blackened chicken alfredo. It's awesome! I never have to eat at Applebees again! Love you guys! Oh, and so excited at the thought of you starting a family!

Suzi Hardy said...

At some point in your life you will look back at this time and even though you will not want to repeat it you will view it with some fondness. And then you will wake up and feel really grateful that you made it though! Maybe when you are hip deep in family things you will think of these days as not being so bad.