Saturday, April 18, 2009

Confessions of a 22 year old Wife

So even though I kind of put on a front when I'm around other people I'm a SUCKER for those super cheesy chick flicks. I LOVE when Michael isn't home and one of those movies is on TV. I love watching and waiting for the main characters to finally have that one kiss we've been waiting for all movie. Even though I know exactly how the movie is going to go I still can't wait to watch it play out.

When I was in high school I would watch these type of movies over and over again and cry over my pathetic life. I was always on a search for my "true love" and hated that every guy I went to high school with either thought I was a freak or saw me as a piece of meat that they could chew up and spit out when things got tuff.

One really exciting thing about heading off to Pocatello was that is was in a different town and led to new opportunities. Which in reality...meant new boys. But, I soon found out that I would once again wallow in my own pity and tears on my bed as I watched a girl being embraced by the man of her dreams. He would hold her firmly but tenderly and kiss her like it's the first kiss of her life. That girl knew, deep inside, that this man that she was kissing was the last man that she was going to kiss and nothing made her happier. I would sit through the credits and wonder where my Prince Charming was and if I had missed him because I was too busy being pushed around by some jerk. I also wondered if one of those jerks was the love of my life and I was destined to live with someone who pushed me around...but don't worry things looked up.

I just want to pause and say that I don't believe that there is one person that you are meant to be with. I believe that there are a lot of people who you are compatible with and who ever you choose is just that, your choice. No matter what you have to work at whatever relationship you choose to be in. That being said, I do believe that two people are meant to meet because they can have a successful relationship. I believe that Heavenly Father knows who we will work well with so he helps in setting up situations where those two people can meet.

So, through fait and a little bit of work I meet the man of my dreams. Was he perfect? No. He didn't sing country in my ear while we drove around in his big Chevy truck...but he did sing. Also, his big Chevy truck was there...just broken down in his parent's drive way. You know, I still wish we could have got the truck working. Despite a lot of really little things I really felt Michael was it (sorry if you didn't know I was talking about Michael, that could have been surprising). Even though things didn't happen the way I thought they would; he was kind of seeing this other girl, his family thought I was some physco girl who was stocking him, and I go back to the whole country music thing, but something was happening. Then, one wonderful day, I got what I had been waiting my whole life for. I'm sorry for the chick flick feel of that line but I can't help myself.

Michael and I had finally held hands and I didn't really know how to "go in for the kill;" the kiss. But, the Monday after we had started moving in a new direction I went over to his house to watch him preform as Javert in Les Mis. After about fourty five minutes of trying to find the first half of the play, Michael had to go back to work. We walked out to our cars and our eyes met...and he leaned in, scared. We had one small peck and he ran away to his car. Even though I loved this first kiss and as soon as I got home and walked through my front door went screaming to my room mates about how excited I was I had no idea what was in store.

That night Michael was leaving my house and we were hugging by his car. He said he felt really dumb about our kiss earlier and he wanted to make up for it. So, he grabbed and held me firmly but tenderlky and started to dance with me. He then started to sing...I actually heard the song at work the other day and started to cry. He then looked deep into my eyes and leaned in for the kill. I then felt the world stop spinning and I realized this was like the first kiss I had ever received and deep down I knew that Michael was the last man I was ever going to kiss.

Tonight, on ABC Family I watched A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff. Even though it was about two kids stuck in high school and it was really lame I cried when the two main characters finally kissed. I realized that these tears were different then the ones I cried in high school. This time these tears were of me being glad that I knew that kiss. I am now in my happily ever it perfect? No, but I find that so exciting. Even though we fight and sometimes we are annoyed with each other, we love each other so much. We are willing to work through all the crap so that we can one day reach our true happily ever after into eternity. I'm glad I have my prince charming and I'm glad to say that I am never giving him up.


Aynna banahna said...

I was that girl in high school too. And isn't it so rewarding now that there's something so much better?


Cardell Family said...

aaaaahhhhhh. what a sweer post. =) It still surprises me sometimes how sweet my brother can be. Well, actually, not really. He is a really, really good guy and he found a really, really good woman to be his wife. Also, thanks for the reminder that I need to appreciate more the prince charming I found. I'm totally like you: a chick flick kinda gal. I love ya! Thanks for the great post.

Suzi Hardy said...

I think I am a semi-chick flick kind of girl...however, I too watch with baited breath for Gilbert Blythe to kiss Anne...ahhhhh why is it so sweet when he finally does?
I love the idea behind this blog, that we are all waiting for our first kiss and so relieved when we finally find it. I have been married for 32 years and I still know that he is the last man I will ever kiss! Bravo for hard work and love.

Sarah <3 said...

<3 you Lulu! That is like totally my story too! Remember when you helped me get over my first boyfriend? One friend told me that Love is a choice, and I love how you basically said the same thing.
One of my favorite quotes from a best friend is "We're here to help each other get through the crap." I love how you said that's part of your relationship with Michael.
Isn't that first kiss just the best! I still get those moments where I stop breathing (literally) because the moment is so blissful!
I miss you so much! If Clint and I are able to make it to my former roomy's wedding in August, maybe if it's close enough we could meet up somewhere!