Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decor

I know it's a big controversy on when people should be "allowed" to put up Christmas decorations. But my personal rule is as long as Thanksgiving has passed I'm in the clear. Since Monday is my day off I decided that today would be a good Christmas decoration day.
One of the main focuses of my Christmas decor is my Willow Tree Nativity. This is such a beautiful piece and I like it to be the main focus. I realized, though, that if I put it on my counter where I had put it the year before the stupid cat would knock it over and break it. Oh what to do? AHA!! The top of the entertainment center. Michael was so excited to have it up excited that he added his own little friends.


Sarah Smith, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant said...

I like it! Nice nativity cat guards!

Cardell Family said...

ha ha! Welcome to the Hardy tradition of "embellishing" Christmas decorations!

Team Jogan said...

lol love it. and of course, anytime after thanksgiving is an ok for christmas decorations!!

Suzi Hardy said...

This made me laugh. It brings back so many years of continually taking out the Christmas worthog from our little carved Nativity
I say let the decorations go up. I started playing Christmas music today! love it.