Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just because I feel good

Things I love: (not listed in order of importance)
1-Dark Chocolate
2-Insulin (it keeps me alive)
3-Rump (my kitty)
4-Comfy clothes
5-Hot Chocolate
6-My visiting teaching group
7-My calling (primary chorister)
8-Weekends where I do nothing but still manage to have the time of my life with Michael
9-Fire places
10-My family and I'm not just talking immediate the extended ones too.
11-My friends
15-The Gospel
16-Playing the Piano
17-The temple: Even though I probably shouldn't have a favorite part, ESPECIALLY the Celestial room
18-My Pillow
19-Decorating for Christmas
21-Food, in general
22-The fact that I get ready in the SAME exact order every morning and if I don't my whole day is thrown off.
23-My husband: I know he should be included with family but he's extra special.
24-Exclamation marks: They add excitement to everything!
25-Living in California
26-The thought of being a mom one day
27-French Fries
28-Eating out
29- Having a clean house
31-Construction paper
32-Reading a good book
34-Catching up with old friends
35-Looking back on all the lessons I learned
36-Looking forward knowing the lessons that are to come
37-Trials: That's when I learn the lessons.
39-The gift of the Holy Ghost
40-Missionary work
44-My Heavenly Father
45-The fact that I live so close to the grocery store.
47-The smell of new books
49-Winnie the Pooh (the old stuff)
50-Jesus Christ/The Atonement


Team Jogan said...

i love so many of those things too! but french fries especially right now... i'd love some of those :)

Sarah Smith, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant said...

I like your blog background! <3 your list! Been thinking of posting my own for a while but won't have time for at least another week or two...
<3 you Lulu!

Jamie said...

Awesome List!

Cardell Family said...

no way! That is exactly what I love...Every day! (What movie is that from?) Except I don't have a close grocery store; I wish I did! Really, it's a great list and I may have to copy your idea! =)

Suzi Hardy said...

Nacho Libra!!
I love those things about you! What a great list of things to love. I would only add one more, being with family at Christmas...well, at anytime!
love ya

ErinG said...

don't forget kissing in the rain! Oh, and the smell of apple blossoms in spring, and bubbles!
Hmmm...I guess I should go make my own list now, huh?
Love you!