Thursday, November 4, 2010

I can be Charlie Brown too

I don't know if that is the best name for this post or not but I really feel like Charlie Brown right now.

Ever since I was promoted at Panera (in May) I stopped hanging out with everyone. Since I had two jobs and one of them was so demanding I just didn't have a life outside of Michael. The only time I hung out with anyone was when Michael was out of town for a month and the time I usually dedicated to him was dedicated to friends. I also got to know my cat a little bit better (that's a side note).

Ok, point of my post.

I really feel like in all this craziness I have really neglected my friends and in return I have been neglected. Now, I do realize, it was completely impossible to get a hold of me. If it wasn't for the internet on my phone I wouldn't of been able to check my email and my Facebook. Also, I realize that if you don't pay attention to people they eventually get bored and move on because they want to have fun. So now I feel friendless and kind of lonely. I feel so disconnected with people I go to church with. I feel really disconnected with those friends I don't go to church with and now don't even work with. I just feel disconnected.

*imagine open arms asking for a hug here*

Friends, I love you. I'm sorry that I've been on another planet and I've been focusing more on work than the things that are important. Please know that I'm going to make more of an effort to spend time with you and I hope in return you will want to spend time with me. I know most of you have sweet babies and that maybe you feel like you aren't presentable to the public because you all mommyfied (it's a word). Just keep in mind I too don't wear makeup, my clothes are always a wreck, and I wear my hair up 6 out of 7 days out of the week. Also, I don't mind our spending time with each other us sitting at your place while you clean and I entertain your little one. Or whatever you want to do. I'm not fancy and don't expect anything fancy. I don't care I just want friends again.

Please come back.


Toni said...

So... I get that this post totally doesn't relate to me, considering that I live to far away so I never really felt all that neglected. But I just wanted to send you a cyber hug (It's totally a thing) and tell you I love you!

Jeigh said...

Awww, I'll come over and hang out! And you come to my house, too, okay? Okay! I love you!