Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I must like lists

I'm excited for:

1-Finishing my parent's Christmas presents

2-Going grocery shopping

3-My family coming for Thanksgiving

4-Finishing Dylann's quilt

5-My spontaneous day off today

6-My anniversary...four years baby

7-Black Friday shopping

8-Christmas present wrapping

9-Christmas decorations

10-Going to West Virginia

11-Going to Arizona

12-My friend Rosie and her possibilities (once again, no pressure)

13-My paycheck

14-The idea of getting caught up on some school debt

15-The idea of moving out of our crappy apartment and into a better one

To tell you the truth, I love lists. In fact, this is my fourth list today and I have one more to go. It helps me organize my life. So thanks for helping me organize.


Sarahie said...

Lists are, indeed, a beautiful thing. I live on them! This is a really good one, by the way.

Jeigh said...

I'm excited for you, for all those things! Especially the part about West Virginia.