Thursday, April 21, 2011

A good idea

First off:

I owe a humongous apology to both my sister, Sarah, and to you blog readers. Sarah is really crafty. I like to pretend I'm as crafty as her but I'm not. Luckily, though, she shares her great ideas and how to do them on this awesome blog she created. I'm sorry I've with held this awesome blog from you for so long. I'm also sorry, Sarah, that I did not do this sooner. So, go, visit Sarah's blog and tell all of your friends about it.


Don't do that until you are done reading this post. I love Sarah and all but I'm kind of really excited about this post.

I don't really know how to say what I want to say. That's two blogs in a row, if you're counting. I realized a couple of days ago that I'm locked into my job. My boss has made it known that I'm irreplaceable and he needs me like a fly needs...poop. Bad analogy. Also, he pays me so well it's impossible to leave. Ever. So you won't find me running off to find my dream job any time soon. Also, all I really want to do is be a mom. So, just waiting on that.

I realized, after I realized that I'm stuck at my job, (that's a lot of realizing) that I still wanted to do something that I could be really excited about. I wanted to do something for me but I also kind of sort of wanted it to affect other people as well. Mostly just the me thing.

Over the past week, as of today, I've been listening to the October 2005 General Conference in my car. I highly recommend doing this because it's awesome. I did this for many reasons and have benefited highly from it. I've also been praying for help on what to do with my life and what the next step should be. I was driving home just yesterday when I realized something. (see realizing again) I am often writing sacrament talks in my head. On almost a daily basis I'm writing a sacrament talk about an experience I had that day or I'm reminded of a past event. I very very rarely, I think I've done it once, write down these talks and they get lost in my brain. Probably stored next to proper English writing skills. So, instead of letting these talks get lost I'm going to start writing them down. What a good idea. Hey look she used the title of the blog in her exciting. I also am letting you benefit from it. I have started a new blog! It's called Listen to the Still Small Voice. You will find it at

I realize that some of you blog readers are either not my religion, don't believe in God, or both. I still encourage you to stop by my blog from time to time. I'm not trying to convert you but I really do believe that my ideas are uplifting and can strengthen your life even if you are not of my religion. On the flip side, though, I will not be offended if you are uninterested.

I will post a new idea ever Monday, just in time for FHE! I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I know and realize that it's Thursday. I did put up my first post even though it's not Monday. I WILL be putting up another post on Monday, though. How exciting. I know. Now you may leave to go check out my first post and to check out Creating Sarah.


Toni said...

I think it's great that you found something to do that you will enjoy and makes you feel good. And helping other people is always good too. Congrats!

Jeigh said...

That's a GREAT idea! You are so awesome.