Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes I'm full of good ideas.

Today was our official first practice for the Primary Program. As a presidency, we decided that we really wanted to get our bishops (it's three wards combined) to help motivate the kids to sing loud.

We first came up with the idea to have the bishops come in with an old tie and according to how loud they sang would decide how much of the tie we would cut off. Good idea. I know.

Unfortunately, one of the bishops didn't feel comfortable with that idea so we came up with a new one. We decided we would have a jar and the bishop would fill up a jar with beans according to how loud the kids sang. Also a good idea. I know.

I didn't want to just put beans in an ugly jar. So I made this...
Isn't it cute? So the bishop decided if they sang as quiet as a mouse. As loud as a lion. Or if they were a monkey in the middle. Love it.

Oh and it worked like a charm!


Jeigh said...

Cute! Did you draw those animals? If so, I'm impressed :)

Sarahie said...

Good idea! I'm just hoping my kids will sing. =)