Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chocolate Chip Muffies

My friend has this great food blog  called Sweet and Savory Tooth. You should check it out because she ALWAYS has great recipes. Also, a really hot guy I know made a header and he did an awesome job. He has made some really great headers. He's so hot and creative.

I'm getting side tracked.

Today I  stopped by her blog and was inspired to make some CC cookies. So, I picked a recipe that included ingredients that I currently had and went to work.

At this time I would like to point out that I am terrible at making cookies. Terrible. I can follow directions to a T and still screw them up royally.

Back to the story.

I followed THIS really great recipe and didn't skip one single step. I then put the cookies in the oven expecting amazing cookies and came out with...

This is pre-usual. This time, though, I had a great idea. Since the dough is really soft I decided to use my muffin pan and made...

I can't wait to eat them. They look so good.

Also, today I decided to do a little sewing and saw this quote...

It's on the inside of my sewing box.
So cute.
My sister, Jeigh, made it for me. She's awesome. I had seen that quote before but today it made me smile extra big.

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tim-berly said...

You're not alone. I seriously screw up chocolate chip cookies too. I seem to have slightly better luck with other cookies, but I've completely given up on the classic chocolate chip. Now I just do chocolate chip bars. :)