Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning how to blog

Ok, so I don't know if I just was missing or asleep the day that blogs got big. But apparently I missed the big meeting of how to do this. Fortunately between some friends and family I'm getting a hang of this blog thing. So, pretty much I'm just testing some things out.

Just to let you all know this picture was taken right after Michael and I said "I love you" to each other for the first time. I think that he really wanted to show me off to all of his home boys. I am a super hot babe!


Krissandra said...

Hey Luanne! You will get the hang of blogging!...I am not a pro or anything but if you need help let me know :).... And love the photo and the story behind it! You too are super cute together. Miss ya.

Jeigh said...

Uh, yes, you are quite hot and beautiful. That is a really cute picture and story. How long had you been dating? Was this still in the "secret" stage? :)

Suzi Hardy said...

Yea!!! You're a babe!!! I love it.
I don't know why you think your blog is so bad. When I was first setting mine up I kept looking at yours and Sarah's, Jeigh's, my sister's and thinking...I will never have a blog as cute as those. What I think is amazing is how they reflect all the different personalities of the people. I say Viva La Differ-ance! (You know, rhymns with France)

Luanne Hardy said...

Yes Jeigh this was secret stage. Remember he was showing you my MySpace page and it said "We are in love" and you were so shocked that he said "I love you" to me. It was only a couple weeks after we were dating.
Mom-I like your viva la differ-ance. That made me giggle.